Modernize Your Database with Cloud Simplicity—Part 1

by Tobias Ternstrom and Gaurav Sharma

June 15, 2022 | min

SKALE DB: Powered by HCL and Nutanix

Enterprises increasingly face database challenges, including rising DB management costs, time-consuming manual DB tasks like provisioning and patching, lack of resource utilization visibility, inability to scale on demand, and a non-existent user experience. To address these challenges, SKALE DB employs best practices, automation, and standardization to simplify database procurement, deployment, monitoring, management, operations, and chargeback.

This blog is part 1 of a 2-part series on SKALE DB. Part 1 provides an introduction to SKALE DB, exploring how HCL and Nutanix technology combine to deliver this unique service. Part 2 explores the SKALE DB value proposition in depth. You can also download a combined PDF.

Modernize your database with cloud simplicity—Part 1

Data is an essential ingredient for digital transformation today. Organizations that are able to effectively tap into valuable insights from their data landscape and databases are finding it to be a key differentiator and enabler for effective business transformation. The vast explosion in enterprise data over the last decade has put the spotlight on the need for data modernization initiatives.

Organizations often face challenges in managing data at scale due to the size and diversity of their database fleets. This challenge is magnified by the different management consoles and skill sets required to administer databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB. The nuances of on-premises, hybrid or public cloud deployment environments also add another layer of complexity for IT professionals to manage and innovate in their day-to-day work. Database administrator (DBA) teams must juggle managing critical databases along with other requests from development teams for provisioned databases. At the same time, development teams are left waiting for fulfilled service requests, which reduces their productivity and in turn hampers the agility of an organization to respond and mitigate market dynamics

SKALE DB enables organizations to transform database operations with a secure, scalable, and cloud-ready DBaaS platform, enabled with AI-driven DBOPS (Database Operations). Its multi-deployment architecture supports database needs on-premises and in the cloud with a near-zero-touch deployment model.

Introducing SKALE DB

The HCL SKALE DB Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) offering powered by Nutanix Database Service™ (NDB) software helps to solve these challenges at scale for organizations. It simplifies operations for databases running on-premises and in hybrid multicloud environments, bringing one-click simplicity and invisible operations to database provisioning and lifecycle management.

A study by Forrester found that Nutanix Database Service increases provisioning speed by 97%. Coupled with HCL’s proven services, SKALE DB aims to bring the required agility, scale and one-click simplicity in managing databases to organizations of all sizes.

SKALE DB allows your teams to procure, provision, patch and manage databases just-in-time—and focus on application development without needing to understand the details of hardware, database software, or associated configurations—speeding up application releases and freeing DBAs to invest their time on strategic initiatives.

SKALE DB builds on NDB, delivering the flexibility and operational simplicity of Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS). NDB currently supports most major enterprise databases—on-premises and/or on bare metal instances in the public cloud. SKALE DB helps to extend DBaaS to run across multiple clusters in hybrid environments combining on-premises and cloud infrastructure. The control plane is the same for databases that run anywhere, with disaster recovery and replication to span across on-premises, private, hybrid, and/or public cloud environments.

SKALE DB’s DBaaS approach lets you quickly address the demands of fast-growing database environments like scaling on demand, while delivering an enhanced user experience and significant TCO reduction. It delivers the convenience, control, and cost advantages that are crucial for enterprises to succeed.

A Partnership for Success

The partnership between HCL and Nutanix is built on a 360-degree relationship, ensuring that technical and business issues are addressed quickly by our collaborative teams. We work together to ensure close alignment across all regions globally, so we can meet evolving customer needs, anywhere and everywhere.

Snapshot of the HCL partnership with Nutanix

  • 360-degree relationship between HCL and Nutanix
  • Authorized Nutanix service provider
  • One of the industry’s largest pools of Nutanix SMEs and Nutanix Certified Professionals
  • Joint solutions & investment in pre-validated and tested reference architectures & solutions

To learn about other joint HCL/Nutanix solutions visit HCL and Nutanix: Better Together. To find out how HCL and Nutanix can add value to your enterprise, please email us at

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