Data at Rest Encryption

Satisfy security and regulatory requirements such as PCI-DSS and HIPAA while protecting your data from loss via theft, security breach, during repair, or as part of disposal.

Encryption is Non-negotiable


Over 50% of organizations chose encryption to protect intellectual property, customer information, and guard against threats.


Cyber attacks are growing in frequency and sophistication. Research shows a 350% growth in ransomware attacks alone.


60% of organizations say that security is the biggest factor impacting the enterprise’s future cloud strategies.

Capabilities & Benefits

AES-256 Software Encryption

Nutanix native software-based encryption is a simple to deploy and cost-effective option designed for Nutanix HCI. Leveraging a NIST certified FIPS 140-2 level 1 compliant encryption module, AOS software encryption is ideal for most use cases.

Built-In Key Management

Nutanix provides native data security without any mandate for a third party key manager. Securely store keys and eliminate the need to procure a third-party solution.

Hardware-Based Encryption

Nutanix fully supports the use of Self-Encrypting Drives (SED). Though more costly, they are ideal for use cases where a hardware-based solution is required for regulatory or policy compliance. Additionally, Nutanix supports dual encryption by layering software over hardware-based schemes.

Enterprise Key Management

Nutanix software and hardware encryption can utilize existing Enterprise Key Management (EKM) solutions. Easily migrate between Nutanix native and EKM.

DARE to Encrypt!

Hackers have countless tricks up their sleeves for getting their hands on your confidential data. Make sure that when they reach the prize, there’s nothing they can do with it.

Data-at-Rest Encryption Solutions: How It Works – Nutanix

Learn how Nutanix data-at-Rest encryption satisfies regulatory requirements for government agencies, banking, financial, healthcare and other G2000 enterprise customers.

The Nutanix Approach to Encryption

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With Nutanix AOS, Data-at-Rest Encryption can be done entirely in software. Though also supported, there's no need for self-encrypting drives (SEDs) or an external key management solution (KMS).

With nothing additional to install or manage, you can add FIPS compliant data-at-rest encryption to your HCI environment in minutes.

Learn More

Data at Rest Encryption: Simplified

This technical guide will walk you through just how important data encryption is—and more importantly, how to do it in a simple, efficient way.

Nutanix University: Security and Governance

In this course, you’ll learn how our security capabilities work with Nutanix HCI to create a powerful security and governance solution.

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