Kubernetes Management Made Simple

Fast-track your way to production-ready cloud native infrastructure with Karbon, an enterprise Kubernetes management solution. Dramatically simplify provisioning, operations, and lifecycle management.

Capabilities & Benefits

Deploy Kubernetes Clusters in a Few Clicks

Automatically configure and deploy your Kubernetes clusters for high availability through Karbon’s simple, streamlined workflow.

Configure Persistent Storage

Every Karbon Kubernetes cluster is deployed with Nutanix’s full-featured CSI driver, which natively integrates with Nutanix Volumes and Nutanix Files to easily provide persistent storage for containerized applications. S3-compatible storage is also easy to set up with Nutanix Objects.

Scale Seamlessly, Without Limits

Add Kubernetes worker nodes with a single click. When additional physical resources are needed, expanding the cluster is just as simple.

Upgrade Nodes and Versions Without Downtime

Streamline node operating system patching and upgrade to the latest version of Kubernetes with no disruption to production applications.

Monitor, Log, and Get Alerts

Karbon integrates best-in-class open-source tools for cluster monitoring, logging, and alerting. Prometheus, ElasticSearch, Fluent Bit, and Kibana (EFK stack) are deployed on every cluster.

Nutanix Cloud Native Stack

Accelerate your cloud-native journey with Nutanix

Nutanix AOS is Kubernetes-ready. Karbon is a fully integrated component of Nutanix AHV and can be operationalized in just a few clicks. 

Karbon is a foundational component of Nutanix’s complete cloud native stack, which delivers:

  • A powerful, top-to-bottom solution from a single enterprise cloud vendor

  • Native Kubernetes, built in

  • Enterprise-grade storage, networking & compute for Kubernetes management

  • Single pane of glass management

Run cloud-native workloads alongside your virtualized enterprise applications on the industry’s leading hyper-converged infrastructure solution.

Part of the growing cloud native ecosystem

What Customers Are Saying...

Autodeskt uses Desktop as a Service DaaS

Data Center Service Provider

“Leveraging Nutanix Karbon, we can deploy a Kubernetes cluster on Nutanix in just a few minutes. Prior to Karbon, this process was complex, tedious, and very time-consuming. Now, we are able to increase business agility and serve our developer on demand with their container requests.”

Autodeskt uses Desktop as a Service DaaS

Digital Services

"We deploy our solution on many public kubernetes providers. Our TCO with Karbon is 50% of the price of an equivalent solution on public cloud.”

- Christian Senet, CTO, Hardis Group

InContext uses Desktop as a Service DaaS

Warba Bank

Warba Bank is successfully leveraging Karbon to power its mobile banking applications.

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What’s New in Karbon 2.0

Karbon is included with Nutanix AHV and is a key component of Nutanix’s integrated cloud native stack. Read this blog to get the scoop on the value you can unlock for your business with Karbon.


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