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Build the Foundation of Your Cloud Native Stack With Nutanix HCI

It can take weeks or even months to build a working cloud native environment on premises-- especially one that supports containerized applications at scale. Why? Because three-tier legacy infrastructure isn’t architected for the way Kubernetes uses compute, storage, and networking resources. Furthermore, Kubernetes is a dynamic, distributed platform that expects rapid scaling and resilience that legacy infrastructure can’t deliver.

Nutanix HCI: Ideal Infrastructure for Kubernetes

Nutanix’s industry-leading HCI is designed to handle rapidly-changing resource demands like those of Kubernetes and containerized applications at scale. It is simple to deploy and manage, enabling you with integrated solutions for persistent storage and push-button Kubernetes lifecycle management that make your Day-1 and Day-2 operations a snap.

Ideal for Kubernetes

Nutanix HCI is built to handle the changing demands of web-scale containerized applications. Performance and capacity scale linearly-- without limit-- making it the ideal infrastructure for running Kubernetes. HCI is resilient from the ground up; nodes are self-healing and upgrade non-disruptively.

Benchmark of operational simplicity

Nutanix HCI is simple to configure and manage, enabling you to stay in lock step with developers’ needs as they build and deploy the cloud native applications that drive your business forward.

Fully-Integrated Storage Solutions

Nutanix offers robust solutions that support the three primary storage classes: file, block, and object. We integrate Files and Volumes with Kubernetes clusters via Nutanix’s CSI. Nutanix storage solutions are scalable, resilient, and integrate out-of-the-box when you deploy new Kubernetes clusters.

Deploy Kubernetes clusters in just minutes

Nutanix HCI incorporates Karbon, Nutanix’s Kubernetes management solution. In less than 15 minutes, you can configure and deploy an HA Kubernetes cluster, complete with persistent storage for stateful applications. Karbon simplifies Kubernetes management across the entire lifecycle.

Certified for hybrid cloud Kubernetes

Looking to extend your public cloud Kubernetes investments and user experience to your own data center? Through major cloud partnerships with Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and AWS, Nutanix HCI supports the Kubernetes platform of your choice, giving you a simple and direct path to hybrid cloud Kubernetes that maximizes flexibility and scalability for your workloads.


Building the Ideal Foundation for Your Cloud Native Datacenter


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