AOS Security

Get security protections that exceed the requirements of the US Department of Defense

To meet a world of continually shifting cyber threats, we’ve designed Nutanix AOS with deeply integrated, adaptive security protections.

We Meet the Strictest International Standards

We take a holistic approach to data security, integrating protections at every level of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.

Your Security Begins With Our Culture

We secure your environment by incorporating security into every step of the software development process, from design and development to testing and hardening. It’s a pervasive culture of security that significantly reduces zero-day risks without slowing down product evolution. One-click automation and self-healing security models ensure your data security experience is effortless.

Never Deviate from Your Security Baseline

Maintain a continuous security baseline in your environments, and meet your regulatory requirements, with efficiency and ease. Nutanix leverages powerful security configuration management automation to monitor the health of your storage and VMs, while automatically healing any deviations from your baseline within the Enterprise Cloud.

Our Approach is Security-First

Increase your security posture and reduce threats with a powerful set of security features.

Two-Factor Authentication

Require a combination of client certificate and user credentials.

Data-at-Rest Encryption

Encryption to FIPS 140-2 Level 2 compliance meets HIPAA, PCI DSS, and SOX standards.

Key Administration

Industry-standard Key Management Interface Protocol (KMIP) ensures access control.

Take Advantage of Additional Protections

Beyond its built-in security features, the AOS architecture provides APIs to enable verified joint solutions with a broad group of security partners.


Monitor inter-VM, east-west traffic flows that can escape typical perimeter security



Protect the increasingly large number of virtual end points in an enterprise cloud



Enable consistent key management policy implementation and ensure compliance


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