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Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS Fuels Tokopedia’s Rapid Growth in Indonesia

Indonesia’s Largest E-Commerce Player Leverages Nutanix AHV Hypervisor to Keep Transactions Seamless for over 2 Million Merchants

SINGAPORE – October 17, 2017— Nutanix (NASDAQ: NTNX), a leader in enterprise cloud computing, today announced at its .NEXT on Tour conference in Singapore that Tokopedia has been using the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform to provide the scalability and ease of management required for its rapid expansion in Indonesia.

Tokopedia is Indonesia’s largest e-commerce company with over 2 million merchants and over 60 million dollars in sales transacted monthly. Since the beginning of operations in 2009, Tokopedia has been expanding at a breakneck pace. To capture the opportunities available in Southeast Asia’s largest economy, Tokopedia needed an IT partner in Indonesia that could easily cope with their massive expansion.

Initially, Tokopedia’s legacy monolithic IT systems comprised various disparate systems that ran their core applications, including an online web server for their e-commerce business and various enterprise applications such as MySQL for database management. These traditional systems were increasingly complex to handle as Tokopedia’s online marketplace grew. Tokopedia needed to consolidate its IT infrastructure and find a partner that could seamlessly manage computing, storage and networking requirements while scaling in tandem with their rapid expansion. Given that they are running an e-commerce platform, it was also critical that they could work with a next-generation provider that could offer a simple yet cohesive platform with an “always-on” capability to maintain maximum uptime and efficiency in operations.

Tokopedia turned to Nutanix in July 2016 to manage their computing, storage and networking problems. The solution included Citrix’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) on Nutanix, various enterprise applications, including MySQL and Nutanix AHV Hypervisor to run its core application, the Tokopedia e-commerce platform. In a seamless plug-and-play migration exercise that took only three days, Tokopedia saw a host of benefits including freed up space as 25 servers were cut down to just two Nutanix servers, with five times less power consumption.

For an online marketplace of such massive scale and serving extensive numbers of customers and sellers, it is essential for Tokopedia to have a stable IT infrastructure that can be easily maintained yet highly scalable to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry. With hyperconverged infrastructure as the foundation, the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform is able to provide the support to critical infrastructure to ensure that Tokopedia does not suffer from unnecessary IT hiccups. This will allow the company to focus on boosting its business instead of deploying additional manpower to maintain and troubleshoot disparate multiple systems.

“Tokopedia’s mission is to democratize commerce through technology and we want our users and merchants to have an online retail experience that’s transparent, efficient and secure,” said Infrastructure Head of Tokopedia, Ardimas Wurseto. “Nutanix has been an ideal partner as they have a solution that is perfect for a next-generation company such as ours. Its software-driven architecture makes IT operations and management seamless and simple, thus allowing our teams to focus on boosting business performance rather than on troubleshooting problems caused by complex IT systems.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Tokopedia in making new waves in the e-commerce sector,” said Matt Young, SVP and Head of Asia-Pacific and Japan, Nutanix. “It is a tremendous validation of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS, which offers reliability in providing a suitable platform in a mission-critical service.”

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