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Nutanix Technical Certifications are a badge of honor, designed to recognize the skills and knowledge you've acquired to successfully deploy, manage, optimize, and scale your Enterprise Cloud. Earning these certifications validates your proven abilities and aptness to guide your organization along the next phase of your Enterprise Cloud journey.

All of our certification exams are remotely proctored, so you can get certified from anywhere!

Nutanix Certified Professional (NCP)

NCP 5.x certification holders have demonstrated the skills and knowledge to manage Nutanix AOS nodes, blocks, and clusters in the datacenter. Earning it validates your ability to deploy, administer, and troubleshoot Nutanix AOS, proving your mastery of key concepts from VM management to lifecycle operations.

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Nutanix Certified Advanced Professional (NCAP)

NCAP certification measures your ability to perform complex administrative tasks on a Nutanix Cluster, as well as optimize both virtualized workloads and infrastructure components in an AOS deployment.

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Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX)

Earning the elite NPX certification validates that you have demonstrated the ability to design and deliver enterprise-class solutions on the Nutanix platform, using multiple hypervisors and vendor software stacks.

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