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Keysight Cloud Visibility Platform for Nutanix

Keysight CloudLens powers stronger security and maximizes monitoring effectiveness for Nutanix environments

Nutanix offers a unified hybrid multicloud platform that seamlessly integrates infrastructure and management to enable smooth operation of data and applications across datacenters, clouds and edge networks. As organizations and enterprises migrate business apps to the Nutanix Cloud Platform, they require complete visibility into the virtual infrastructure to provide monitoring, strong security and policy compliance.

The Keysight CloudLens platform elevates mission-critical security and network monitoring in Nutanix environments. CloudLens enables complete access to packet data from the virtual infrastructure, and intelligently optimizes and funnels packet data and flow information to monitoring and security tools that need it.

Gain full packet-level visibility while reducing tool costs

Deploying Keysight CloudLens in Nutanix environments eliminates blind spots in virtual ecosystems and delivers full visibility into all traffic and data that cross the network in real-time. A typical deployment leverages Nutanix service chaining to instruct the AHV hypervisor to redirect all traffic to CloudLens.

CloudLens also operates as a virtualized network packet broker (NPB), allowing the aggregation, filtering and deduplication of collected network traffic before it is forwarded to performance, monitoring and security tools. By sending only optimized and relevant traffic from Nutanix environments to tools, CloudLens effectively reduces tool workload and enables existing infrastructure to handle more volume without the need for additional appliances or instances.

Generate Netflow/IxFlow for tools that need it

Keysight CloudLens generates metadata in the form of NetFlow or IxFlow enriched flow data without leaving the Nutanix environment for greater flexibility and deployment simplicity in virtual environments. If required, traffic data can also be sent to physical Keysight NPBss for Netflow and IxFlow generation. The flow information can be sent to SIEMs, NetFlow collectors and any other tool that needs it.

How does the joint solution work?

Nutanix Prism
  • CloudLens tapping solution is deployed as a Service Virtual Machine (SVM) in the host that needs to be monitored.
  • The CloudLens Manager and CloudLens SVM are deployed using the Nutanix Prism management application.
  • The SVM is integrated in the Nutanix AHV hypervisor service chain and receives redirected traffic from the hypervisor.
  • The SVM filters the traffic before forwarding it to an aggregation point – such as a physical or virtual Keysight NPB – via a GRE tunnel.
  • The Keysight NPB  perform additional packet processing before sending monitoring data or flow information to tools.

How does the joint solution work?

Keysight network visibility solutions to deliver rich data about network traffic, applications and users in Nutanix hybrid multicloud environments – across on-premises, the public cloud and network edge. Together, Keysight and Nutanix deliver the deep insights and dynamic network intelligence that enable organizations to continuously innovate, meet aggressive service-level agreements, and keep applications running smoothly and securely.

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