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Dizzion on Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure is Desktop as a Service made truly simple

Dizzion’s Frame platform combined with Nutanix Cloud infrastructure delivers one of the most streamlined Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions for enterprise environments. Designed to be simple for users and administrators, Frame delivers a premium user experience directly from a web browser. No installations, no hassle.

Administrators enjoy enterprise features, without enterprise complexity through innovative design, full-stack development and powerful automation via Frame API. Frame is also able to take full advantage of Nutanix key end-user computing capabilities, including rapid VM provisioning, powerful GPU virtualization and integrated network microsegmentation.

The more we spoke to other customers and tried it out for ourselves the more we came to see Frame as a perfect fit for this particular cohort of remote users. No need for client software – just a browser – no plug-ins or infrastructure changes and everything managed through a single console instead of six or seven as with our existing EUC platform. It was staggering how little effort was needed.

Timon Watson,
End-User Computing Team Leader, Robert Gordon University

How it works

Frame integrates seamlessly with Nutanix AHV deployments. Simply add your AHV cluster as a Frame cloud account by deploying a Frame Cloud Connector Appliance (CCA) from Nutanix Prism Central. Frame’s control plane is then able to orchestrate the environment through Nutanix Prism Element and Prism Central APIs via the CCA.

Turn your existing Windows or Linux VM into a Frame BYO Template Image by running the Frame Agent Setup Tool on the VM. Customers can also deploy Frame Streaming Gateway Appliances (SGA) within their network DMZ – serving as the WebRTC TURN server to facilitate secure, externa access to Frame workload VMs via the Frame Remoting Protocol (FRP). 

Deploying Dizzion Frame on Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure

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Dizzion: Different by Design

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