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Accelerate Operations & Improve Business Outcomes with Nutanix Database Services

The ability to react quickly to changing end-user needs and shifting work locations while ensuring maximum security has never been more important. End User Computing (EUC) deployments have risen by 87 percent in the last year due to COVID-19, including initial implementations and acceleration of existing projects.

Today, the most successful EUC deployments are often hybrid or multicloud, but many installations are not architected to adapt to the cloud.

As a leading provider of EUC, hybrid cloud infrastructure (HCI), and cloud solutions, Nutanix is uniquely positioned to help organizations navigate the changing EUC landscape and achieve greater user satisfaction with less effort.


Nutanix offers a range of innovative EUC solutions, delivering seamless access to apps, virtual desktops, and protected data. Nutanix solutions enable you to provide service at any scale, from any cloud, to end-users working on any device and any location—all delivered with simplicity, security, and speed.

Nutanix EUC solutions:

  • Are inherently hybrid and multicloud. Move EUC to the cloud on your terms.
  • Deliver enhanced security. Prevent data theft and loss from ransomware and malware; adhere to regulatory, compliance, and data privacy requirements.
  • Simplify EUC operations. Provide consistent access to apps and data and support more end-users without adding management complexity—all at a predictable cost.
  • Enable faster deployments. React quickly to deliver a consistent and delightful end-user experience, even as needs change.


The pandemic has shown like never before how mission critical EUC has become. Many companies were unprepared for the rapid transition to remote work. Locked into legacy infrastructure, the implementation of EUC was time consuming, expensive, and resulted in a poor user experience.

Growing numbers of organizations are turning to hybrid cloud to meet these challenges and fulfill their varied requirements. Today 45% of EUC solutions are using hybrid, yet many teams remain unsure about how to get started on this path.

A Nutanix hybrid and multicloud solution enables you to move your EUC solution to the cloud on your terms and at your pace. We give you the ability to locate services in different geographies, and the elasticity to scale as needed, resulting in consistent end-user outcomes in every location. Nutanix EUC solutions also give you elastic cloud capacity on demand.

For companies that prefer to offload the responsibility for deploying and managing the control plane, Nutanix also offers desktops as a service.

And Nutanix makes it simple to protect the availability of your EUC environment with disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). Add protection for end-user environments in minutes with easy recovery in the cloud.


A recent survey found that 59% of organizations consider security and IT efficiency the top purchase criteria for EUC, but satisfying compliance, regulatory, and data privacy requirements for a remote workforce is challenging. Nutanix combines built-in security with a security-first approach that creates the foundation for enhanced security.

Nutanix EUC solutions assist in the prevention and spread of malware and ransomware and avoid data loss and theft by regulating local device access with comprehensive access control and data encryption in transit and at rest.


The rapid adoption of EUC, with users working from anywhere, has created a sprawl of locations, infrastructure, and endpoints, stretching IT resources to the limit. For many organizations, a first step in regaining control is to move the EUC control plane to the cloud, enabling consistent operations.

Whether you’re operating in a private, public, or hybrid cloud, Nutanix lets you centralize management to support more end-users with less operational complexity. That’s one of reason Nutanix is among the industry’s best for return on investment, 164% ROI with payback in less than 6 months.


In most companies, significant uncertainty remains regarding future staffing, requiring maximum flexibility and fast adaptation. Some users may return to the office full- or part-time while others remain remote.

Non-standard and insecure end points slow down deployments and deliver a suboptimal end-user experience. In a recent survey, 62% of organizations agreed that standardized EUC environments accelerate deployment time.

With Nutanix, standardized, secure environments with centralized management scale quickly and deliver greater flexibility regardless of location, with a consistent, predictable user experience that increases user satisfaction. You can transition to a completely remote workforce in hours vs. days. A recent demonstration showed how to add thousands of cloud desktops in less than two hours


Nutanix experts have the skill and expertise to help you make the right decisions for your organization, so you can deploy and operate an EUC solution with confidence. Contact Nutanix or an authorized representative to choose the path forward that’s right for you.

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