Running SAP HANA databases alongside SAP NetWeaver

Running SAP HANA databases alongside SAP NetWeaver

This solution note describes how you can design and run virtualized SAP NetWeaver workloads on hyperconverged infrastructure alongside a SAP HANA database.

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform is a supported SAP NetWeaver technology platform and works with certified SAP HANA appliances from Nutanix partners, including Dell and Lenovo. Download this note and learn more about you benefit from these innovative capabilities:

  • Localized I/O and flash for index and key database files, enabling low-latency operations.
  • Nondisruptive upgrades and scalability, including one-click node addition with no system downtime.
  • Nutanix VM and app-centric data protection and disaster recovery to automate backups.
  • Consumer-grade simplicity for storage management, eliminating complicated configurations, manual provisioning, and mapping with disks, RAID, and LUNs.

An enterprise cloud platform built on hyperconverged infrastructure is a choice that every IT organization should consider due to the ability to increase your efficiency and make your business more agile. Download this solution note and get started today!