PT Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk Expands and Simplifies Mining Business Operations with Nutanix

Significant boost in operational efficiency and cost optimization lead to improved business outcomes 


Energy - Mining


  • Reduced IT cost by 16% compared to legacy solution
  • Cut downtime to zero thereby increasing production line performance
  • Simplified operations through one-click Prism infrastructure management system
  • Modernized data center by implementing hyperconverged (HCI) and disaster recovery (DR) solutions



  • MineMarket
  • Minex
  • Domino Workflow
  • HRIS
  • Moca
  • Data Protection and DR


PT Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk (ITM) forged strong customer relationships with clients abroad and in Indonesia by ensuring information security as well as data and service integrity. To efficiently scale its operations to support changing business, the organization has launched a digital transformation initiative, based on a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). Nutanix Enterprise Cloud has reduced the firm’s IT burden and cut the cost and time of managing its systems. Now ITM can better utilize its IT team of 11 specialists and maximize their productivity, through a simpler, more efficient solution to support its daily operations.

By applying the Nutanix technology to our production sites, we have significantly reduced the time for maintenance.

– Amang Nurpraneko, IT Head ITM

The hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution offered by Nutanix proved to be the perfect way to manage and simplify our daily operations, providing a great balance of cost-effectiveness and convenience.”

– Muhardian, Department Head IT Infrastructure and Security ITM


ITM has come a long way since its start in September 1987. Over the past three decades, the company has established itself as one of the biggest players in the mining industry, producing on average 24 million tons of coal per year. In recent years, ITM has expanded its business scope to include energy distribution from its coal-powered power generator. As ITM’s business grew, its legacy infrastructure was no longer capable of supporting ever-expanding business operational needs. Keeping up with the demands was challenging, especially utilizing a traditional server environment. “Because we initially utilized a legacy infrastructure, the complex tasks became difficult to manage and extremely costly to maintain,” said Muhardian. “We also faced human resource issues in managing the needs and demands of our company with a small team of IT specialists,” added Amang.


ITM migrated from its aging legacy infrastructure to Nutanix Enterprise Cloud in 2017. “After exploring multiple options, we found that Nutanix offered the most beneficial solution that would help us make operations more efficient,” Muhardian explained. “The Nutanix solution enabled our IT division to streamline daily maintenance and cut costs without sacrificing efficiency.”

The IT team immediately migrated from its existing VMware hypervisor to Nutanix AHV, which has dramatically reduced its licensing costs. ITM has already established eight nodes and has activated Nutanix Disaster Recovery (DR) to support its head office and maximize the availability of services and applications. By the end of its first year in operation, most applications in Jakarta head office have moved over to AHV. ITM has also migrated several branch offices across Indonesia to the new solution, establishing six to nine nodes at each site. After completing the company-wide migration of its server, ITM measured a remarkable increase in productivity due to the simplicity and effectiveness of the new system. Its previous VMware solution was considerably more expensive and time-consuming to manage and maintain. Muhardian noted that AHV is the perfect replacement to the legacy system due to its ability to support multiple hardware and systems, while delivering excellent day to day operational performance.


The Nutanix deployment went very quickly, and ITM’s team rapidly adopted its new solution. “We hit the ground running when we transitioned to Nutanix,” said Muhardian. “It was amazing to see how quickly we were able to get up and running and build new environments for our business. The HCI solution has enabled us to greatly simplify operations for our IT team.”

The company’s small IT team has quickly and effectively modernized its data center by implementing HCI and DR solutions, which are fully manageable via the one-click Prism infrastructure management tool. “Applying the Nutanix technology into all of our sites made managing our daily operation simpler,” said Amang. “The ability for the solution to replicate to other server made any crisis easy to handle.” The transition has greatly reduced the cost of IT maintenance by 16 percent compared to the company’s previous solution. “The server we use must be able to support several hard drives, data storage, and our network—while being simple and cost effective,” explained Muhardian. “The solution fully met our requirements.”

Nutanix has also improved the performance of ITM’s business processes and services. Availability of our applications such as MineMarket, Minex, Domino Workflow, HRIS and Moca, has been consistently excellent, with zero downtime since implementation.

The performance of the IT team has also been improved by greatly reducing downtime due to maintenance.“We noticed that we hardly have any downtime after the migration to the new system,” said Muhardian. “With the rapid response from the Nutanix support team, we can quickly isolate and solve problems without having to stop any of our operations.”


“After our successful deployment, we are now looking to expand our Nutanix partnership and apply more solutions,” explained Muhardian. “Looking into the industrial and business trends we want to utilize the container technology by Nutanix to further digitize our business.”

ITM is looking to implement Karbon by Nutanix to enable its application development team to shift from traditional applications to container-based applications. This enterprise-grade solution simplifies the provisioning, operations and lifecycle management of Kubernetes. “We are close to implementing a Kubernetes cluster with the help of Karbon,” said Muhardian. “I am confident that the solution will be implemented in the second quarter of the year.”