Dongwon Group Completes U2L Migration through Nutanix HCI

Dongwon Group Runs Linux on Nutanix Cloud Platform and Reduces Operating Costs and Increases Performance for its Subsidiaries


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  • Noticeable increase in SAP application performance - bulk load performance enhanced by 74% and input performance by 70%
  • Significantly contributed to CAPEX and OPEX savings
  • Secured scalability and simplicity in infrastructure management
  • Improved infrastructure services for its subsidiaries and affiliates


  • Nutanix Cloud Platform


  • Linux OS
  • Food supply system
  • HR system

Nutanix is a reliable, guaranteed partner we can trust long-term. After the U2L migration, we experienced a noticeable reduction in operating costs and total cost of ownership (TCO), resulting in high satisfaction from all our affiliates. We look forward to working with Nutanix long-term as we transition to the next step towards digital transformation, the hybrid cloud strategy

— Seo Jeong-won, CIO, Dongwon Enterprise


Dongwon Group is a life industrial company with over 19 subsidiaries worldwide, specializing in a wide range of business areas including fisheries, marine and logistics, food processing and distribution, and living services sectors.

Dongwon Group first established a private cloud environment in a corporate-only datacenter by adopting Nutanix HCI corporation-wide as the core infrastructure. This paved the way for digital transformation that enabled business and service continuity across the group by operating and managing business critical applications and workloads more stably and intuitively.

And then Dongwon Group took a bold step of innovating its entire infrastructure by migrating from Unix to Linux. Dongwon Group now runs most of its applications and workloads on Linux, improving infrastructure services for all subsidiaries with increased performance, speed, and cost efficiency.


Dongwon Group had been running its applications and workloads on Unix for a long period of time. However, Unix was costly to scale and challenging for infrastructure maintenance. As it was difficult to scale out and replace, Dongwon Group’s infrastructure became increasingly outdated and could not support the company’s increasing IT resources and workloads. Also, the company had to rely on certain vendor that supports Unix operating system, causing a vendor lock-in.

The group needed a reliable, scalable infrastructure that could help ensure service continuity in operating its manufacturing and production facilities.


Dongwon Group designed and built a next-generation IT infrastructure to improve its efficiency and productivity, global competitiveness, and to lay the foundation for the group's digital future.

Dongwon Group decided to switch its existing 29 SAP systems and web-based systems from Unix to Linux and turned to a software-defined datacenter infrastructure solution rather than relying on traditional legacy infrastructure. It adopted Nutanix Cloud Platform as the core standard infrastructure to operate and manage applications running on Linux.


Noticeable increase in SAP application performance

With Nutanix, Dongwon Group can now easily deploy, scale, and maintain various applications and workloads including SAP, which accounts for over 60% of its entire infrastructure capacity. After the U2L migration, the performance of 23 programs in SAP noticeably increased – bulk load performance enhanced by an average of 74% and input performance by an average of 70%.

Within a year of deploying Nutanix as its core IT infrastructure, Dongwon Group is operating approximately 30% of its entire system on Nutanix and is continuing to expand.

Scalability and simplicity in infrastructure management

“Since Nutanix deployment, we can scale up or down whenever we want. Even our team member who joined the team one year ago can easily operate and manage Nutanix,” applauding the easy and user-friendly interface and management capabilities that Nutanix brings.

Significantly contributed to CAPEX and OPEX savings

The company and its subsidiaries no longer need to excessively invest in hardware to enhance performance.  Since Dongwon Group can scale out incrementally depending on needs with Nutanix’ pay-as-you-grow model, it secured cost predictability and saved a significant portion of IT expenditure - particularly  in terms of buying additional new high-priced Unix equipment.

Also, its subsidiaries are significantly cutting its total cost of ownership (TCO) since they do not need to make new investments in infrastructure. The new charging method based on internal HCI quotas have overall reduced handling and managing costs as well. Whereas, subsidiaries needed to pay for both deployment costs and operating costs in the past, they now only have to pay for the used resources.


Since running Nutanix as the core infrastructure, Dongwon Group plans to deploy additional infrastructure on Nutanix and move all servers to a virtual environment. It ultimately aims to build a hybrid cloud environment, taking advantages of both public cloud for e-commerce and private cloud for enterprise.

“We look forward to working with Nutanix long-term as we transition to our next phase into hybrid cloud infrastructure deployment,” stated Seo.