About Nutanix

Sahil M. Bansal

Hybrid Cloud Solutions with Nutanix and Microsoft Azure

Developing hybrid and multicloud solutions with seamless app mobility and unified management across private clouds and azure

Nutanix Clusters | Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure for Multicloud era

Nutanix Clusters enables seamless application migration and unified operations across Clouds to help businesses accelerate their Cloud journey in a Hybrid and Multicloud Era

Improving IT Cost Efficiency

While IT teams face unprecedented pressure to reduce costs, they are still expected to drive innovation across their organization and improve overall IT agility.

Tips for Getting Private Cloud Costs Under Control

Concerned with improving security and controlling costs, enterprises are moving some percentage of workloads back to on-premises data centers and private clouds — at least in the short-term.

Why Cloud-Native Management Tools Aren’t Enough

Keeping track of various and sundry cross-cloud resources has the potential to become mind-numbingly complex as hybrid and multi-cloud deployments heat up.

Introducing: Security Compliance for Nutanix Private Cloud

Businesses are increasingly adopting multi-cloud architectures to benefit from the freedom to choose the appropriate cloud platforms for their various workloads. One of the key challenges in a multi-cloud world is ensuring the security of your critical applications and data.

Real-time Cloud Security Compliance

Xi Beam helps you gain real-time visibility and control over your multi-cloud security health by automating 250+ security audits based on industry best practices and Beam’s recommendations to improve your cloud infrastructure security.

Introducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) View for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

IT decision makers operating multi-cloud environments need to make critical budgeting and investment decisions about their cloud investments.

Multi-Cloud Budgeting and Chargeback in Xi Beam

Businesses have increasingly been adopting a multi-cloud approach for their IT infrastructure with applications and workloads running in both public and private cloud environments.

Beam | Cost Optimization for the Enterprise Cloud

Enterprises increasingly run applications in a variety of different cloud environments—public, private, distributed, and hybrid cloud. With a mix of public and private clouds, enterprises now require services and tools that can work across private and public environments.