Relocate your enterprise data to Nutanix Unified Storage for better protection and availability

By Santhosh Siruvole, Sr. Product Marketing Manager - Nutanix Unified Storage

October 2, 2023 | min

Healthcare providers using a patient records application, financial services companies running critical transactional applications, and government departments maintaining military inventory all share a fundamental need: uninterrupted data access with heightened data protection.

As a result, IT teams think twice before upgrading storage infrastructure. It is expensive, time-consuming and complex to move applications and data to a modern storage infrastructure. A simple and secure solution to migrate data along with business continuity tools that minimize the cost of downtime, lost revenue and lost productivity is key to keep mission-critical applications up and running. 

With the launch of the Nutanix Files Storage™ 4.4 release, the Nutanix Unified Storage™ (NUS) platform introduces several enhancements, including new support for Files Storage running with the  Nutanix Metro Availability™ and Smart Sync™ features, and native migration tools for NFS shares, among other differentiated features. These improvements ensure superior business continuity, simplified data synchronization and faster data migrations. 

Now,  migrating enterprise data from legacy storage to NUS has become significantly easier and faster. Best of all, this can be achieved without incurring exorbitant costs or risking downtime for your mission-critical applications.

NUS is a software-defined data services platform that consolidates the management and protection of siloed block, file, and object storage into a single, unified platform. NUS harnesses the power of rich data services such as analytics, ransomware protection, lifecycle management, and data protection. These features enable organizations to seamlessly adapt to the ever-changing requirements of modern applications, allowing them to shift their management focus from data storage to more strategic, global data management. 

Leveraging the Nutanix Cloud Platform™ (NCP) software, NUS is specifically built to meet the needs of modern applications deployed across core, cloud, and edge infrastructure. With its capacity for seamless scaling, high performance, and integrated data security, NUS provides a comprehensive solution for organizations. 

A key advantage of NUS lies in its single point of management, featuring intelligent operations, automation, and a self-service model. This consistency in management enables a consistent cloud operating model, effectively eliminating the complexities and costs associated with using various architectures. Additionally, the server scale-out design of NUS taps into server economics and can be managed by storage generalists.

Stronger Data Protection with Zero RPO, Faster Data Migration and High Availability

The Nutanix Files Storage 4.4 launch makes significant enhancements, making life easier for storage administrators. These improvements include stronger data protection with zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO) synchronous replication, faster data migrations with native tools, and high availability (HA) to mission-critical applications:

Business Continuity

  • Nutanix Unified Storage extends the Metro Availability solution for Files Storage for synchronous replication providing a Highly Available(HA) solution for mission-critical apps.
  • Reduce the cost of storage downtime with synchronous replication offering zero RPO and low RTO. Metro Sync offers enhanced protection against issues such as site failures, cluster failures or data unavailability.

Data Sync and Protection

  • Simplified sync of edge data into the core without management complexity and additional third-party tools. Smart Sync now enables customers to natively synchronize data across edge and core locations.
  • Smart Sync improves TCO and business value by reducing both cost and management overhead
  • Recover the entire file share from ransomware or service denial attacks or in situations where recovery time would be too long to locate each, and every file. Quickly restore affected data in a file share with a single snapshot. 

Data Migrations Made Easy

  • You can now natively migrate data from NFS shares in addition to SMB shares.
  • This offers simplicity, flexibility and a native solution to help improve onboarding helping you to realize faster ROI
  • API is now available for you to develop automation scripts that leverage Nutanix Files Storage native migration. Additionally, with the introduction  of  API,  Nutanix Move (5.0) now supports migrating from 3rd party storage to Nutanix Files Storage.


Managing and upgrading storage for a hybrid multicloud environment requires taking a new look at how data services are deployed. With Files Storage 4.4, Nutanix Unified Storage helps organizations with simplified and faster data migrations, data management strategies and overall makes Files Storage highly available for mission-critical applications. 

For deeper technical understanding of Nutanix Metro Sync, please refer to the blog, Nutanix Files Storage Episode 4.4 - Synchronous Replication Awakens.

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