Together We Advance Datacenter Modernization

Nutanix helps you build a true hybrid multicloud by leveraging the simplicity, flexibility, and agility of the public cloud with AMD performance and compute density.

Why Nutanix and AMD:

The Nutanix platform provides capabilities to extend workloads to public clouds, allowing hybrid cloud operators to burst or migrate applications across clouds, without rearchitecting or retooling for each environment. Here are the additional benefits experienced by Nutanix and AMD customers when deploying our cloud platform: 

  • Sustainability: Simplified management and enhanced consolidation promote energy efficiency, reduced costs, and superior value.
  • Performance: Increased core counts can deliver enhanced compute performance and exceptional compute density.
  • Security features: Hardened from the perimeter to the core for unparalleled resiliency. 
  • Time to value: Realize infrastructure cost savings by minimizing datacenter footprint power, and cooling requirements through server consolidation.

Run your business critical applications on Nutanix and AMD


Workload affinity and tight hardware/software integration.

Freedom of choice

Application breadth demands a broad range of vendors, models and configurations.

Customer support

Established and proven customer support model for NX and OEM partners.


Built-in data resiliency and disaster recovery services ensure against data loss.

Hardened core

Minimize breach impacts with AMD built-in data isolation, safeguarding virtual machines, memory and threads.

Protected firmware

Prevent firmware attacks from boot-up through ongoing operation with a unique fingerprint for each system.

Application protection

Protect applications and their VMs in case of a perimeter breach with microsegmentation from Nutanix Flow internal firewalling.

Configuration security

Enable IT to deploy a hardened baseline configuration in a machine-readable format.

A new design for datacenter processing

Fuel the most demanding applications:

  •  Business-critical and enterprise apps 
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 
  • Database solutions 
  • Big Data/Analytics 
  • Unified communications 
  • Disaster recovery
  • Storage services

Learn more about Nutanix and AMD platform options:

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