The Nutanix Solution

The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform is a converged infrastructure solution that consolidates the compute (server) tier and the storage tier into a single, integrated appliance.

Nutanix uses the same design principles and technologies that power IT innovators such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon. It tailors these for mainstream enterprises and government agencies.

The Nutanix solution is radically simple compared to traditional datacenter infrastructures.

  • Rapid time to value: deployment in under 30 minutes
  • No disruption to ongoing operations
  • Easily scales
  • Powerful off-the-shelf, non-proprietary hardware
  • Reduces the cost and complexity of storage
  • Works with legacy components, protecting investments you’ve already made
  • Delivers advanced, enterprise-class storage capabilities

How Nutanix Works
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  Nutanix in 2 Min.
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The modular building-block design allows your organization to start with small deployments and grow incrementally into very large cluster installations. With one appliance, you can move from a small operation to handling large-scale server virtualization deployments, virtual desktop initiatives, test and development applications, big data (e.g. Splunk, Hadoop) projects, and more.

The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform integrates high-performance server resources with enterprise-class storage in a cost-effective 2U appliance. It eliminates the need for network-based storage architecture, such as a storage area network (SAN) or network-attached storage (NAS). The scalability and performance that the world’s largest, most efficient datacenters enjoy are now available to all enterprises and government agencies.

End-User Computing / Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

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The simple, scalable and high performance platform for virtual desktops

Nutanix delivers an out of the box infrastructure solution for virtual desktops that eliminates the high cost, variable performance and extensive risk of conventional solutions. The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform is a plug-and-play appliance that comes ready to run VMware View, Citrix XenDesktop, or XenApp. The Virtual Computing Platform’s unique architecture allows enterprises to scale their virtual desktops from 50 to thousands of desktops in a linear fashion providing customers a simple path to enterprise deployment.

The Nutanix platform supports every type of VDI user, from task and knowledge workers to power and data scientists. Whether you have persistent desktops that are customized for knowledge workers, shared hosted virtual desktops (HVD) for a general workforce or the most 3D graphics intensive users, Nutanix provides the right resources in a single-box solution.

Nutanix benefits 

  • Simple, out-of-the-box deployment: Ready to deploy virtual desktops in under 30 minutes and managed from the virtualization console
  • Linear scale out: Scale users seamlessly and modularly with no performance degradation
  • Better than PC performance: NOS features like inline-deduplication eliminate IOPS bottlenecks resulting in fast application response and boot/login experience
  • Lower costs: Lower infrastructure CAPEX than a PC and lower ongoing operating costs due to ease of use and small footprint
  • Eliminate project risk: Start small and expand as warranted – always utilizing the latest advances in CPU, memory and flash
  • Business continuity: Built-in native replication and disaster recovery (DR) features enable highly available desktops to be deployed in mission critical environments
  • VMware and Citrix integration: Support for View Composer Array Integration (VCAI), Citrix PVS and MCS
  • Graphics acceleration: Platforms powered with K1 and K2 cards from Nvidia GRID and Teradici APEX power tough, graphics intensive desktops 

Download the Citrix XenDesktop on Microsoft Hyper-V Reference Architecture PDF. 

Download the VMware View best practices PDF. 

Download the VMware View reference architecture PDF.

Download the VMware Horizon Suite on Nutanix reference architecture PDF.

Download the XenDesktop and vSphere reference architecture PDF.

Download the Nutanix VDI Sizing Guideline PDF.

Download the VDI solution brief PDF. 

Enterprise Branch Office

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Simple and affordable virtualization for the mid-market

Enterprise branch offices, as well as small to mid-sized corporations typically lack the specialized IT resources needed to manage traditional datacenter platforms built with separate servers, storage arrays and networking. In addition, CAPEX and OPEX budgets are constrained while space and power footprints are often limited. The Nutanix platform features a flatter datacenter architecture that eliminates the need for centralized SAN/NAS storage, dramatically reducing cost and IT complexity while simplifying management.

Software-based storage controller technology coupled with advanced information lifecycle management (ILM) capabilities such as flash-enabled data tiering and performance-optimized data compression provides a single platform that is ideal for powering any branch office services, including local applications, virtual desktop deployments, file and print services, DHCP and DNS services, WAN optimization controllers and security-focused virtual appliances.

Nutanix Benefits

  • Turnkey solution: Compute and storage natively converged in a single 2U appliance with pre-installed software runs any virtual workloads common in mid-sized corporations, enterprise branch offices and retail stores 
  • Simple management: Single pane of glass management interface streamlines management and IT resource requirements 
  • Business continuity: Pre-installed replication and back-up software automatically protects VM-specific data
  • Reduced infrastructure needs: Flexibility to use typical branch office power and networking infrastructure (110 volt and 1 Gb Ethernet) to reduce deployment costs
  • Affordable: Nutanix offers specific platforms providing the appropriate compute and storage resources for an affordable entry point

Nutanix Introduces the NX-1000 Series (Video)


Big Data

solution_usecases_Big-Data-3High performance, scale-out platform for your Splunk and Hadoop deployments

From customer interactions to web-log tracking, enterprises have access to a vast amount of data per day. Turning that data into actionable insights is a challenge for traditional databases and infrastructure. Nutanix delivers secure, extremely scalable, search and processing for all virtualized Splunk and Hadoop workloads.

The first question that most IT teams face when they implement Hadoop or Splunk is whether to run the system on bare metal, or to virtualize the environment. The state-of-the-art converged architecture that is now available provides top of the line performance results from virtualizing Hadoop and Splunk installations.

Nutanix Benefits

  • Quick search and index capabilities: Delivers up to 500,000 events per second for each 2U appliance (2-3x greater than competing solutions) for mission critical applications 
  • Predictable, linear performance and capacity: Start small and scale up one node at a time with access to over 1TB of data ingest/day
  • Extremely fast time to value: Nutanix and the big data application can be up and running in 30 minutes
  • Easy management through virtualization: Simple to use HTML 5 GUI delivers single pane of glass management for the entire server and storage infrastructure
  • Efficient use of infrastructure through sandbox workloads: Hadoop and Splunk deployments can co-exist with enterprise applications in the same environment
  • Reduced datacenter footprint: Uses a hyper-scale server architecture and capacity optimization to reduce big data hardware footprints by up to 4x

Download the Hadoop reference architecture PDF. 

Download the Hadoop solution brief.

Download the Splunk reference architecture PDF.

View the Splunk use case.

Private Cloud / Server Virtualization

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Delivering Virtualized Infrastructure
as a Service

A private cloud offers the simplicity and flexibility of a public cloud within the confines of the enterprise datacenter. A hallmark of private-cloud environments is virtualization, which uses resources effectively and increases overall IT agility.

Nutanix provides a scalable and modular building block for enterprise private clouds of any size. The Nutanix solution converges storage and server (compute) resources into a single appliance to run any type of virtual workload with the best performance.

Nutanix Benefits

  • Pooled datacenter resources: As a next-generation converged platform, Nutanix delivers server resources, storage performance, and capacity on-demand. By pooling resources across all nodes and making them available in real time to any VM, Nutanix helps break down traditional datacenter silos. Nutanix next-gen convergence brings true elasticity to a private cloud infrastructure.
  • Self-service: Private clouds must be able to quickly and easily provision new services. With Nutanix, development and test engineers working in a Nutanix private cloud can rapidly “spin up” new virtual machines with VM-dedicated storage resources using an intuitive management console. Nutanix streamlines the provisioning of new applications or workloads by reducing the manual coordination among groups that traditional datacenter operations require.
  • Pay-as-you-grow scalability: You can add Nutanix appliances and individual nodes to existing clusters to increase capacity incrementally. That way, you can precisely meet business and datacenter demands. This modular scalability enables a truly agile and efficient virtual datacenter. It eliminates the need to over-provision simply to ensure necessary capacity and performance for the future.
  • Virtualization-friendly: The Nutanix architecture is completely hypervisor agnostic, and can run multiple virtualization technologies simultaneously. This built-in flexibility allows you to avoid being locked into a single virtualization vendor, and provides the ability to run mixed workloads in a single private-cloud environment.

Download the Private Cloud Solution Brief

View the Selecting the Right Storage Architecture for Microsoft SQL Server and Exchange Webinar

Virtualizing Microsoft Business Critical Workloads on Nutanix

Disaster Recovery

solution_usecases_Disaster-Recovery-1Easy, dependable disaster recovery with the Nutanix platform

Implementing a disaster-recovery site can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive. A key challenge is predicting the amount of storage capacity that will satisfy the future needs of the organization. Another common obstacle is system upgrades: Many traditional DR deployments rely on rigid hardware-based architectures that are expensive and involve unnecessary downtime. 

Nutanix provides a complete DR solution for virtualized datacenters. With integrated functionality from converged backups and recovery to remote site replication, Nutanix eliminates costly third-party tools. DR capabilities are engineered for easy VM management, automation, and upgrades. 

Nutanix benefits 

  • Efficient VM-centric backup and recovery:  Ability to have DR functions at the VM and file level for efficient, simple, and resilient back up
  • Flexibility of many-to-many replication:  Our architecture breaks the bounds set of traditional site-to-site replication solutions to provide flexibility and greater resiliency in designing your back up plan
  • Scalability with zero downtime: As a software-defined platform, Nutanix delivers new features and upgrades via software, with no disruption to operations  

Download the disaster recovery solution brief.