Epic on Nutanix

Configuring and deploying Epic on Nutanix.

Nutanix is the industry leader in high-availability, high-performance infrastructure that’s easy to use and cost-effective. The hyperconverged Nutanix platform combines enterprise-class storage, high availability, and monitoring features in a package that is simple to deploy, expand, and adapt. The intelligent platform makes multiweek tuning engagements and lengthy infrastructure upgrade planning sessions relics of the past. All these benefits make deploying Epic on Nutanix an excellent return on investment.

This best practice guide demonstrates how to plan the deployment of the entire Epic stack, including the operational database (ODB), Cogito Suite, presentation layer (Hyperspace), and Web and service servers (WSS), on Nutanix. It includes information on the benefits of running Epic on Nutanix, a guide to selecting hardware, and an example configuration.  

We also show how you can take advantage of the reliability, simplicity, and unparalleled operational efficiency of Nutanix AHV for all your Epic services. With AHV, customers get:

  • Prism, a single management interface for all infrastructure across all sites.
  • The Nutanix Foundation installation tool, which handles all aspects of infrastructure installation from bare metal to advanced network configuration.
  • The AHV optimized data path, which reduces CPU consumption and I/O latency for the ODB and Cogito suite.
  • The I/O performance improvements for Epic that are built into AHV and AOS and enabled by default.

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