Protect Your Apps and Data

Your data is in safe hands when manmade or natural disasters strike. Let us help you make your business continuity plans a reality.

Downtime is Not An Option

Today we happen to be in the midst of the biggest crisis in the last century. This business climate demonstrates the need for you to reassess risks and refresh your business continuity plan. We know that bad actors are looking to take advantage of the current situation now that IT teams are scrambling to adapt. But it’s not just about protecting against data loss. It’s also about providing access to applications and data for your remote staff, even in the most extreme situations. Protecting against loss and cyber-attacks requires having the right backup, disaster recovery (DR), and security solutions. Solutions that provide a higher level of protection with less complexity and at a lower cost.

Disaster Recovery Made Simple

While most everyone is away from the office, you need to ensure your applications, services and data are always available. For example, in the event a disk or server fails, or you lose an entire rack. To keep your business running and your data safe, you need advanced but easy-to-use disaster recovery options. Essentially, disaster recovery restores mission-critical IT services through the use of tools, policies, and procedures to get vital business operations back online. If your organization plans on managing the data center for disaster recovery, Nutanix can help you keep your operations online from home. Or if you’re facing budget constraints and want to pursue an as-a-service model, we’ve also got you covered. In either case, we even allow you to test your DR preparedness in advance with few clicks from home to be confident.

Integrated Data Backup

Though disaster recovery is essential, you also need to be proactive in your approach to protecting your data before disasters strike. But considering our current predicament, it would be wise for you to make things easy for you and your teams. Traditionally, backup is a very siloed experience, requiring multiple disparate products and solutions.. We can help you unify your operational backups for quick restore (for up to 30 days) and long term archival for cold data. It's so easy that your generalists can manage it - so there's no need for specialists. Protect against data corruption and enjoy complete data lifecycle management from a single pane of glass.

Security Is Non-negotiable

In addition to data backup, having the right security tools in place is also key in proactive data protection. With your teams at home and potentially being exposed to more digital threats, you need to employ a zero-trust philosophy. What’s that exactly? In a nutshell, you can thwart malware spread and reduce attack surfaces by limiting application access to only those with explicit privilege. You’ll be able to control access to applications and services based on identity and directory service information, and easily govern policy from home. Not only can we help you, but we also allow you to augment your virtual environment with security functions from our partners.

How Nutanix Can Help

Achieve 40-50% TCO Savings with Disaster Recovery as a Service

Cut the cost of your disaster recovery in half thanks to the industry’s first no-install DR. Pay as you go or save even more with longer-term contract options. Get $500 worth of usage or 30 days, whichever happens first.

Eliminate Siloed Backup Infrastructure

Enjoy application backups in less than 3 minutes! Manage backup and recovery with a few clicks, monitor the health of your production workloads and backup infrastructure with a single pane of glass!

What Customers Are Saying

“We’re using Xi Leap to ensure business continuity for all of our workloads including our domain controllers, something that is even more important during these uncertain times.”

- Dr. Damian Clarke, CIO and Computer Science Faculty at Alabama A&M

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