Manage IT From Anywhere

We can provide you with the tools you need to manage your entire environment from the couch.

Remote IT is the New Normal

From the moment shelter-in-place orders were established, IT’s first priority was to provide stakeholders with the tools to effectively work remotely. But while IT has been focused on enabling remote work, it's been easy to forget they also need the right tools to manage your environment. Giving them the means to run your IT systems remotely is critical to running your business. The challenge for remote IT workers however, is getting the same cloud-based provisioning, scaling and troubleshooting capabilities for their on-prem data center environments.

Provision in Your PJs

Normal IT operations are built around having physical access to data centers and remote locations. But with lockdowns in place, how are you going to support new workloads or scale capacity of existing infrastructure at home? First, you need software solutions that can be run in your data center and in the cloud. So when a new environment needs to be stood up, your remote IT managers have the option of using a public cloud service, such as AWS. They get a cloud-based environment that is identical to what’s running in your data center, enabling them to use the same management and administration tools.

If you need to expand your existing datacenter environment, you can leverage nearly any on-site IT generalist to ‘rack and stack’ a new server, then let the remote IT manager provision new capacity, configure the infrastructure and deploy new workloads in just a few hours. No more needing specialized skills, on site, to provision or upgrade your SAN storage or servers.

Troubleshoot from Anywhere

Traditional data centers often require IT to be on location to monitor the health of your systems. Fortunately for you, modern IT solutions provide extensive remote monitoring and remediation from anywhere. For example, detailed telemetry from on-prem systems gets reported to a cloud-based service. The private data center continuously streams health and performance data to a collector in the cloud. A SaaS application then performs analytics on this data to give IT professionals a holistic view of their end-to-end environment. Not only can IT managers assess a range of issues remotely, but they can immediately troubleshoot. The end result is that the IT manager has the same visibility, insight and control of their data center environment, as if they were in the data center full time.

Maintain Scheduled Upgrades

In addition to monitoring, legacy data center technologies also require IT teams to be on-site for scheduled upgrades. This is obviously not feasible given our current circumstance. You need IT solutions with full lifecycle management and remote software upgrade capabilities. This allows managers to initiate upgrades of your storage, compute, virtualization, network and hardware firmware in a single click, from anywhere. You also need software that automatically notifies your staff  when new releases are available and automatically pre-check all software and hardware dependencies. And most importantly, you need all software upgrades to execute without a hitch – literally no down time. Without these important capabilities and limited access to your physical infrastructure, you will find it next to impossible to maintain your IT systems.

How Nutanix Can Help

Test Drive IT Management from Nutanix

Nutanix Prism simplifies and streamlines common workflows to make hypervisor and IT management as easy as checking your email.

Nutanix Insights Early Access

Redefine your infrastructure support experience with Nutanix Insights, delivering predictive health and automated support that streamlines infrastructure optimizations.

What Customers Are Saying

“The very first update I did for Nutanix happened with my newborn child in my arms. I had my son in my hands, feeding him his bottle, and I just clicked ‘Upgrade’.”

- Steve Elgan, IT Director at Heartland Community Health Network

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