Enable Self-Service IT

Let us help you help yourself. Free your IT administrators from low-level tasks by enabling self-service access for employees. 

Time Is of the Essence

IT teams are constantly tasked with delivering infrastructure, applications and databases to their internal customers. But in our current situation, the rapidly growing number of employees working remotely will most certainly put a strain on IT. You may already have some experience with this but just think of the surge in service tickets and questions alone. Not to mention the time it takes to actually address each need. As your IT teams adjust for whatever your business demands from them, it's ideal that you maximize their time by automating common tasks and providing end-users on-demand resources.

Automation Will Lead the Way

Gartner forecasts that by 2024, organizations will lower operational costs by 30% by combining hyper-automation technologies with new operational processes. And this will likely accelerate in response to our current global situation. But automation shouldn’t stop with just the day-to-day operational tasks. You also want a solution with remediation and planning capabilities. One that learns performance behaviors, detects anomalies, and automates issue remediation. One that also analyzes past, current, and future workload demands, for recommendations for capacity and needed infrastructure. We can help you with this and more. 

Make Self-Service a Reality

What if there were a self-service portal that IT could create for end-users to start, stop, and scale an application based on their requirements and team roles? It would empower IT customers, such as developers, and at the same time free up cycles for your IT team. Self-service of applications makes daily operations easy for everyone, significantly reducing the wait for specialized resources. Transforming your IT operations into an on-demand service marketplace can instantly transform complex provisioning tickets into a simple one-click request. IT automation solutions can integrate with IT ticketing systems, such as ServiceNow, to streamline the end-to-end ticketing process.

What Customers Are Saying

“The solution gives full visibility across the Nutanix stack, and staff can complete routine tasks, such as launching new virtual machines, in a couple of clicks.”

- Nelss Liow, Chief Information Officer, Tranglo

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