Battle-Tested IT: Business continuity during uncertain times

May 19, 2020 | min

As the global response to COVID-19 evolves, we are adapting to an ever-changing environment that forces us to think differently. Personally, we have shifted to virtual game nights, birthday parties, and online workout sessions. Professionally, for many of us, Zoom has become our go-to app as we get used to virtual meetings, brainstorming sessions, and happy hours. The bottom line is ‘business must go on.’ 

Business continuity remains top of mind for leaders as routine datacenter and critical infrastructure operations are affected due to restrictions of staff movement and access to facilities. We recognize that IT practitioners and datacenter managers are on the front line to not only support a remote workforce, but also ensure that distributed data is protected from data loss and cyber-attacks. We know that “bad actors” are looking to take advantage of the current situation, knowing that IT teams are scrambling to adapt to their “new normal” of remote working. 

Business Continuity Plans Are Essential To Sustain Business Operations

Today’s business climate demonstrates the need for organizations to reassess risks and refresh their business continuity and disaster recovery posture. Data is an asset that needs to be protected, only this time the threat is not limited to an outage, natural disaster, or malware attack. It’s not just about protecting against data loss but providing always-on access to applications and data, even in the most extreme situations with limited staff and services – all managed remotely.

Switch Off The Panic Button & Switch On The Built-in Resilience and Data Protection

Nutanix solutions are built for enterprise-wide resilience and availability. Nutanix not only helps protect valuable business data, but we also offer a portfolio of solutions to ensure that IT teams can keep their businesses up and running. You can protect almost all endpoints that are accessing or creating data remotely with native data protection capabilities delivered as part of Nutanix AOS. Here’s how to get started and ensure your DR operations are predictable and worry free:

  • Distinguish and prioritize mission-critical applications from supplemental ones
  • Practice good data stewardship by refining your service levels i.e. RPO and RTO
  • Protect different classes of applications with appropriate protection policies
  • Test for your DR readiness in advance without disrupting the production environment
  • Orchestrate recovery at the application level with a few clicks using recovery plans  

Instant Cloud Based Disaster Recovery  . . .on a shoestring budget

If there is no time or budget to invest in a full-blown recovery site, quickly restore applications with our cloud-based disaster recovery service, Xi Leap, that can be up and running in less than a day. No need to design, configure and test a DR solution from scratch. Set up instantly and failover and failback with a few clicks to protect your apps in minutes. 


The Definitive Guide To Data Protection & Disaster Recovery for Enterprise Clouds

Protect Against Data Loss  . . .simply and elegantly

Get integrated data back-up and instant data restoration services to protect against data loss. You can consolidate all your data protection operations on Nutanix Mine, a simple-to-use, web-scale solution that can significantly simplify backup operations for both virtualized and physical applications. Leverage a single pane of glass to monitor the health of your backup jobs and production workloads – all managed remotely. Shrink backup windows, minimize data loss (lower RPO), and reduce system and personnel overhead with simplified backup operations rather than stitching together costly and complex backup and recovery products which can be a nightmare to manage and scale with your changing IT landscape.

Watch video:

Simplifying Backup For A Modern Datacenter

Secure Against Cyber Threats  . . .confidently

Ensure that outages caused by cyber threats are included in your BCDR planning. Use built-in data-at-rest encryption to protect data against theft and breach. Leverage network microsegmentation with Nutanix Flow to prevent spread of malware and ransomware. If you are a Nutanix customer, start your Free 60-day Nutanix Flow Trial enabled from Prism Central.

Programmatic Approach

Leverage Nutanix tools and framework to review your BCDR preparedness and tackle business continuity challenges head-on during these uncertain times. Protect all distributed datacenters (laptops and virtual desktops) from data loss and cyber attacks by ‘turning-on’ built-in capabilities on your Nutanix platform. And while we’re at it, building resilience is not limited to IT solutions and infrastructure. Your wellbeing is equally important - stay home and deliver worry free business continuity solutions with just a few clicks. As we always say, you protect your employees and customers, we’ll help you protect your data!

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