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Manage all of your virtual environments running on AOS, seamlessly and easily. Prism simplifies and streamlines common workflows to make hypervisor and VM management as easy as checking your email.

Prism is the industry’s leading infrastructure management platform. Dive in for details.

Infrastructure Management Is Now
One-Click Simple

Monitor and Manage Everything from One Console

Eliminate the complexity of infrastructure management with Prism’s elegant simplicity. Manage your entire environment, from storage and compute infrastructure all the way up to virtual machines, seamlessly and easily. With streamlined maintenance and upgrades, simplified workflows, and consolidated visibility into cluster statistics, your administration will be hassle-free, with no downtime or maintenance windows.

Prism Visualization

Global Network Visualization

Get a VM-centric operational view of your network—from every node in the cluster down to details on each VM. See how VMs and applications are connected to underlying physical and virtual networks. Simplify monitoring, troubleshooting, and remediation with customized views of your environment and color-coded markers for potential communication issues.

Empower Users with Role-based Access Control (RBAC)

Give your end users self-service access to infrastructure resources via RBAC. Maintain granular control over which users can perform specified actions on entities such as VMs, applications, reports, and clusters. Group end users together for easy role assignment, and tag group entities for simple management of VM, storage, and network resources.

prism central

End-to-end VM Management

Enjoy Prism’s radically simplified workflows throughout the entire VM lifecycle, from creation and initial placement, to IP network configuration, to protection and migration.

Resource Scheduling

Leverage intelligent placement of VMs, and optimize performance with dynamic load balancing.

Live Migrations

Manage live migrations of virtual machines across hosts.

Disaster Recovery

Recover applications quickly, even in the event of a site disaster.

Comprehensive Storage Management

Get intuitive VM-centric workflows for all administrative tasks related to storage deployment, management and scaling from a single pane of glass.


Monitor compute and storage resources in a global view, and upgrade anything with a single click.

Granular Control

Easily set policies and controls for data reduction and data protection at VM granularity.

Robust Authentication

Leverage Prism’s integrated LDAP-based services for strong and flexible administrator authentication.

Prism Delivers Seamless Infrastructure Management. Now Add the AI-Driven Intelligence of Prism Pro to Optimize Your Infrastructure Operations.

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