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Simple, Flexible, Intelligent File Storage Management

Nutanix Files is a simple, flexible and intelligent scale-out file storage service for the data driven era.

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Key Benefits

Deploy in Minutes

Update non-disruptively with a single click, and manage all storage from a single pane of glass.


Scale-up or scale-out flexibly on the hardware of your choice and enjoy cloud-like consumption.

Automate Operations

Know your data, who’s using it, and how—and then drive automated management and control.

IDC study shows how Nutanix Files reduces operational overhead by 66% over traditional siloed storage resulting in 414% ROI and 7 month pay back.

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The Files Difference

Scale Up or Out On Demand—with One Click

Nutanix Files is built to handle billions of files and tens of thousands of user sessions. As your environment grows, just one click will elastically scale your cluster up by adding more compute and/or memory to the file server VMs, or out by adding more file server VMs. All from a single platform. You can also provide object and block storage using the same resources.

Get Deep Analytics and Audit Trails

Understanding the data your infrastructure is hosting is critical. File Analytics will help audit the file system usage, such as who is creating, accessing, moving, deleting and modifying files and permissions (audit trails). You can also filter data based on a particular event or time range.

Manage Capacity Effectively

Gain visibility into how capacity is being utilized over time and what kind of files are being added to the defined capacity. Analytics provide you with visibility into file type and file size distribution, and their growth patterns. This can help administrators on quota enforcement.

Secure Data & Detect Anomalies

Identifying potential threats and risks is vital. Define alert policies that trigger when file system anomalies are detected or malicious activities occur. View the alert details and get additional information on the users responsible for the anomalies, and which folders are impacted.

Get Storage Features you Need

Nutanix Files provides all the capabilities organizations have come to expect from enterprise file storage systems, including: intelligent tiering, erasure coding, and compression. It also helps you enable per user quota for better control of the file server deployment.

How It Works

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Nutanix Files provides a scale-out distributed file storage solution supporting SMB and NFS on top of Nutanix AOS. 

Virtual file server controllers are deployed across nodes within an existing cluster, or on a dedicated file storage cluster. Nodes are designed to be self-contained and share nothing eliminating single points of failure. 

Nutanix Files architecture scales out easily by adding virtual resources and can deploy across a variety of environments including datacenters, remote and branch offices, edge locations, and clouds.

Use Cases

Windows & Linux Shares

Simplify and Standardize your user data shares with and enhance productivity, availability and data visibility across your enterprise


Medical Imaging

Unify and secure all medical imaging and clinical data into a single scalable file storage solution

Application Data

Deliver the right balance of capacity and performance to your business-critical file applications that demand consistent performance, high availability & enterprise-grade data protection

Video Surveillance

Store security camera, body camera, and mobile video with rapid retrieval of large amounts of data.

File Archives

Lower the cost of storing aging data like digital documents, audio and video files, and active/passive archives to meet business and regulatory requirements.

Learn from the Experts

Simplifying VDI Storage

Devon Helms, Director of Product Marketing for Storage Services, highlights the value of Nutanix Files for VDI deployments.

Getting Started | Nutanix Files

Learn how Nutanix Files addresses a wide range of file storage use cases, including VDI, storage consolidation, and file storage for remote and branch office sites.

Simplifying Storage Across Branch Offices

Leverage Files for remote office and branch office repositories that require local file storage and central file share replication.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“As well as lower cost, speed and simplicity were seen as the main plus points of Nutanix Files...with Nutanix Files anyone can do it and it’s easy to automate."

- Ryan Kennedy, Academic Computing Team Manager at the University of Reading

“Nutanix is providing near 100% uptime, enabling us to more easily meet our SLAs. With Nutanix, our attorneys can be more efficient with their caseloads, providing better service to all of our global clients.”

– Lawrence Lozzano, Senior DBA at Sheppard Mullin


“Adding new shares and seeing how much space each share is using with Files is very easy. You just go to the file services tab, and boom! All of your stuff is there, there’s a histogram of what you’ve consumed, and you can easily see the capacity usage runway.”

– David Luke,Director of IT Engineering at ISC

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"Nutanix Files is a very intelligent solution that enables hands-off management. Having ‘one big bucket’ for all file services with a single administrative interface simplifies file management across the board.”

- Bret Snyder, senior server engineer at RNL


“Nutanix is without a doubt the best investment we have made so far, not just on the infrastructure components, but on the entire Nutanix software stack.”

- Shailesh Surroop, Assistant Manager, IS Infrastructure at MUA

OneNeck Provides Customer Confidence with Backup-as-a-service powered by Nutanix Objects

John Hein, Product Director
Devon Helms, Director, Product Marketing

What the Experts Are Saying

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Files Solution Brief

Download this solution brief to discover how Nutanix Files creates a single platform for all of your application needs.

Simplify data management at cloud scale

Accessing data securely, simply, quickly in the cloud all starts with a storage foundation that eliminates the complexity of data management.

Simplify Your VDI with Nutanix Files

Join us to learn how Nutanix Files can bring simplicity, flexibility, and intelligence to your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure today.

Nutanix Files Delivers End-User Computing Without Compromise

Nutanix Files, a fully integrated file server solution, lets you get the most out of your VDI investment

Transform File Storage with Nutanix Files

Download this report and discover how to simplify the complex world of file storage with HCI and enjoy cloud-like deployment and provisioning.

Tech Note: Nutanix Files

Nutanix Files eliminates the complexity of deploying and managing a separate infrastructure silo for storing file data.

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Simple, flexible and intelligent scale-out file storage service for the data driven era.