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Unified Cloud Security Insights to Reduce Risk and Complexity

NCM Security Central unifies cloud security operations for your workloads and data on any cloud type while automating incident response with intelligent analysis and regulatory compliance.

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Security in the Cloud without the Overhead: Automate, Comply, and Plan

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Holistic security monitoring and remediation automation

Correlate potential security vulnerabilities using Qualys’ scanning integration, then leverage the power of Nutanix X-Play to automate incident response or create microsegmentation workflows.

Continuous compliance and asset inventory

Gain asset visibility across workloads anywhere, then audit these findings against standards like CIS, NIST CSF v1.1, PCI-DSS v3.2.1, and HIPAA for public clouds, or PCI-DSS v3.2.1 and DISA STIG for Nutanix on-prem.

Zero Trust security planning

Develop a viable app and data workflow strategy of key initiatives like a Zero Trust architecture to create network-level policies to allow/block port-based network communications and logically tier your workloads.

Security Visibility and Scanning Partnerships Across Any Cloud

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