Flow Network Security

Multicloud Security for Apps and Data

Security is complex, but protecting critical assets shouldn't be. Flow Network Security creates software-based firewalls for your critical apps and data without the management overhead.

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Turnkey cybersecurity for end-users

Understand application communication

Visually map new or existing application workflows at a port level to better control access or application communications.

User-centric identity and malware protection

Enhance end-user security by leveraging identity to control network access to workloads and data (directory-based) while blocking the spread of malware and ransomware with microsegmentation.

Ensure access compliance

Easily segment application and data access without physically managing and building compliant networks using ring fencing and audits.

defense-in-depth for apps and data

​​Software-defined firewalls for apps and data

Easily create Zero Trust-focused tagged firewalls to segment and protect your users, apps, and data from cyber threats without disrupting your current infrastructure.

Visibility to help comply and discover

Gain policy-defined visibility and insight into the communications and vulnerabilities of all your applications and services under one dashboard.

Network threat protection

Enable application tiering at the OSI L4 with the option to create deeper inspection at L7 using partner integrations built for Flow Network Security.

Increase your defense-in-depth strategy with partner integrations

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Other capabilities


Security planning and visibility

Using Flow Network Security with Security Central creates a holistic solution to plan, visualize, and implement the solution.

Integrate current security solutions

Whether it’s an advanced threat detection, layer 7 deep packet inspection, or next-generation firewall for virtual applications, service insertion functions quickly augment Flow Network Security with security functions from our AHV Ready partners.

Nutanix is trusted by 25,000+ customers

"Flow Network Security is really focused on security, which is at the top of our mind. We have a very secure environment, but we’re always looking at ways to utilize technology to enhance that security. Flow Network Security enables us to follow an application all the way through and provide security wherever needed."

- Ken Shaffer, Assistant Vice President for Enterprise Systems, CarMax

"Micro-segmenting network policies for virtual machines and applications will give us a great level of control.” says Rout, “which we can apply through our Nutanix Prism console to reduce change management workloads."

- Dipak Rout, Head of IT, Arihant Capital Markets Ltd

"With its proven advantages in the manageability, scalability, disaster recovery, and simplified backups, Nutanix has played a vital role in helping us implement our ‘Internet + Innovative Talent Cultivation Plan.’ The highly efficient solution has ensured the stable operation of our smart teaching platform at a time when COVID-19 has made online teaching the new normal."

- Lin Nanhui, Director of the Network Center, South China Normal University

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Flow Network Security
Solution Brief

Quickly deploy a powerful software-defined security solution for critical workloads and data without additional complexity or management overhead.

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