Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Ensure Data Disaster Recovery with Nutanix

Ensure business continuity with a full spectrum of data backup and disaster recovery options available with Nutanix NCI. Eliminate complex IT silos, simplify operations, and reduce costs while meeting your SLAs.

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App Downtime and Data Loss Is Expensive

Unplanned outages can result in losses of over $9,000 per minute, loss of productivity, and negative impact on business reputation.

Your Most Valuable Asset: Data

Data is the most important digital asset of most organizations. Estimated to reach 175 zettabytes by 2025, data growth, management, and protection is top-of-mind for most enterprises.

Disaster Risks are on the Rise

No organization is immune to outages, severe weather, or security breaches. But most don’t have business continuity and data disaster recovery (DR) solutions that keep pace with their businesses.

Service Level Expectations are High

71% of organizations cannot tolerate more than an hour of downtime for their critical applications. Improving recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) is a priority.

Build Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Into Your Infrastructure and Processes

Disparate backup and DR solutions lead to greater complexity, higher costs, and reduced reliability. Ensuring business continuity requires simple, yet highly resilient systems with efficient snapshot, cloning, and replication capabilities to provide a higher level of protection at a lower cost.

Confidently Meet Your SLAs

Enjoy high levels of availability and resiliency with a tailored data protection and disaster recovery solution to achieve your RPO and RTO objectives. Restore operations 67% times faster and deliver uninterrupted operations.

Protect Business-Critical Apps

Slash unplanned downtime events by as much as 85% and keep applications online during planned events or unplanned outages. Make your data backup and recovery solution a strategic advantage. 

Centralized Control

Intuitively manage all data protection and disaster recovery operations without compromising reliability. A single user interface enables unified control of both on-premises and cloud-based environments.

Built-in Data Protection

Most enterprises have multiple tiers of applications, each requiring its own data protection infrastructure, resulting in a complex, siloed, and inefficient data protection stack. Eliminate these silos with flexible, natively available backup and recovery options.

Choose Options That Suit Your Needs 

There’s no one-size-fits-all business continuity and data disaster recovery solution. Choose the right features for every use case across private and public clouds. Integrate with third-party data protection solutions for application consistency and granular data recovery.

The Definitive Guide to Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Examine enterprise challenges and trends around availability and data protection—an area that has lagged in the modernization of infrastructure and applications. See how the simpler, more cost-effective approach taken by the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud can close the gap between where your data protection is today and where it needs to be.

HCI Breaks Through Traditional Barriers to Ensuring Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

HCI ushered in a new model for building IT solutions, causing a dramatic shift in the way companies are thinking about supporting business critical operations, both live and in the case of disaster.

The Cost Of Downtime

IT must be able to survive a datacenter outage ⁠— if not, the business's ability to survive is in real peril. Learn how to minimize downtime in your environment with business continuity planning.

Battle-Tested IT: Business Continuity in Any Circumstance

We know that bad actors are looking to take advantage of the current situation as IT teams scramble to adapt to their new normal of remote working. Find out what you can do to protect your business.

Business Continuity by the Numbers

IDC found that the Nutanix solution delivers


more frequent data backups


reduction in downtime


reduction in data backup


faster data recovery windows


fewer unplanned outages


 faster resolution of unplanned outages

Data Protection at Every Level

Achieving maximum application availability requires a comprehensive approach that includes resiliency at every level to meet the needs of different tiers of applications, within your datacenters, and the cloud. 

Nutanix makes it faster and easier to protect apps and data, or to recover from outages. You can:

  • Build your own DR site using built-in recovery planning and orchestration capabilities, or choose to subscribe to a cloud service that provides DR capabilities.
  • Backup your applications and data using an integrated secondary storage platform that comes with popular data protection software that best suits your needs.
  • Tier data away to any S3 compliant object storage service, including Nutanix Objects for long term retention.


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Hear From Our Customers

“By moving to a hyperconverged system, we no longer have to keep a large amount of expensive hardware and services at a hosted DR facility...Nutanix will enable a much better DR solution at a significantly lower cost from our current hosted restoration services approach.”

- Dave Hunter, IT director at Empire Life

“Nutanix DRaaS has eliminated all of the complexity of deploying and managing multiple point solutions for DR. It’s great to know that we’ll be back in business very quickly during any emergency.”

- Hemant Dua, VP of Technology, The Phia Group

“Last year Hurricane Irma presented a unique challenge when the forecast indicated we’d be directly impacted by that storm. We needed to create plans for moving our entire datacenter to a new location within a four-hour period.”

- Matt Vilord, ITC manager for the City of Cape Coral, Florida

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