Build Your Multicloud Environment

Nutanix solutions unify operations across all your clouds, bringing multicloud operability to your enterprise workloads—and making hybrid cloud architectures a reality.

A Single OS for All Your Clouds

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud provides a single point of control for all of your applications and data, across all of your clouds. Get the power you need to meet cost, security, and SLA requirements set by your business.

Drive Multicloud Application Mobility

Automate “lift and shift” migrations between clouds and eliminate the cumbersome process of rebuilding VMs for new clouds. Nutanix Move streamlines migration processes to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of making applications portable across all cloud environments.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Apps
and Infrastructure

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud and Xi Cloud Services bring effortless management and control for all your
cloud environments.

App Management

Decouple application management from underlying infrastructure—enabling apps to be easily deployed into public or private cloud environments. Break down IT silos, balance renting versus buying, and eliminate time-consuming management tasks.

Cloud Governance

Identify underutilized and unused cloud services, and realize immediate cost savings by implementing recommendations with a single click. Resolve potential cloud application security vulnerabilities with real-time insight and compliance analysis.

Agile Desktops

Deliver desktops and applications from the cloud of your choice, with true pay-as-you-go pricing and no cloud lock-in. Apps are consumed in any HTML5 browser with the fastest performance—and without a complex, proprietary client.

Add Seamless Disaster Recovery For Your Data Center

Eliminate the need for provisioning, configuring, and managing disparate cloud environments or multiple solutions for disaster recovery. Get natively integrated, cloud-based disaster recovery to instantly protect your applications and data.

Tackle New IoT Projects

Deliver local compute and AI for IoT edge devices, converging the edge and your choice of cloud infrastructure into a seamless data processing platform. Eliminate complexity, accelerate deployments, and free developers to focus on apps and services.

What’s Driving the Usage of Hybrid and Multicloud Environments?

Today, enterprise IT teams want the agility to run a given application on a particular cloud based on economic, compliance, performance, availability, and security criteria. They're looking for better mobility and interoperability among cloud environments in order to easily match applications to the most appropriate infrastructure.

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