Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI)

Nutanix Disaster Recovery

Make Disaster Recovery
a Breeze

Be proactive with your disaster recovery plan to minimize downtime and data loss, whether you are replicating to an on-prem DR site or the cloud.

Make replication and disaster recovery effortless across multiple sites

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Discover the best multi-site recovery practices

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Always-on availability across multiple sites

Prioritize your disaster recovery orchestration bits to enjoy zero data loss across multiple sites. Protect your mission-critical apps and data with a variety of options.

Protect your distributed business operations

With always-on availability, geographic dispersion no longer inhibits the resiliency of your data and applications across multiple sites.

Metro and NearSync capabilities

Get fully protected with Metro availability

Enjoy zero data loss and near zero downtime for your mission-critical apps with Metro Availability. Synchronously replicate data between two or more recovery sites within a metro region.

Eliminating uncertainty

Ensure 24/7/365 uptime and protect against unplanned failure events such as site outages and planned events such as site maintenance.

Combining Metro and NearSync capabilities

Nutanix multi-site DR enables you to recover from a simultaneous failure of two or more datacenters and maintain business continuity.

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Find the perfect option for your business

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What are your SLA requirements?

  • Metro: 0 RPO and 0 RTO
  • NearSync: 1 minute RPO
  • Async: 1 hour RPO

Where is your data being replicated to?

Replicate your data and applications whether at a local site, a remote Nutanix site, or in the public cloud. Our disaster recovery options offer flexibility of choice for your business needs.

Expert’s corner

Hear what our superstar specialists have to say about how Nutanix Disaster Recovery can improve your DR game.

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Nutanix is trusted by 25,000+ customers

"We can do all of the replication ourselves for our DR needs. Nutanix enables a much better DR solution at a significantly lower cost from our current hosted restoration services approach."

- David Hunter, IT Director, Empire Life

"We are exiting the traditional SAN environment over time as we end- of-life our current platforms and tear out the Fibre Channel infrastructure. We plan to be a Nutanix-only shop going forward—I see no reason to use anything else."

- Chris Cate, EVP and CIO, Valpak

"The Nutanix platform was exactly what we were looking for, delivering all the benefits of the public cloud in a format we could deploy on-site."

- Eilko Bronsema, Manager IT, Zwanenberg Food Group

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