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Accelerating Transformation for the Automotive Industry

To enable new innovation initiatives, auto manufacturers need to increase efficiency and ...

Cost Optimization for the Enterprise Cloud – Nutanix Beam

Learn about how Beam proactively identifies idle and underutilized resources, delivers int...

The Definitive Guide to SAP on the Enterprise Cloud

See what it takes to optimize your SAP landscape and reduce its complex management.

What’s New in AOS

Get an overview of the new features and changes in each major release of AOS.

VMware ESXi

Everything you need to know about running VMware ESXi on Nutanix.

Secure with Flow

This course explores how Nutanix Flow simplifies app and VM security using policies and ca...

Rack, Stack, and Configure

Nutanix Foundation is a tool that allow administrators to completely bootstrap, deploy and...


This series covers Nutanix Prism, and how it streamlines and automates common workflows, e...

Optimize with Beam

See how Nutanix Beam can help you with cost visibility/optimization, consumption planning,...

Networking 101

From theory to port channelling to trunking and more, this series covers everything you ne...