Virtual machine migrations and database transformations

Simplify migrations to Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

Nutanix Xtract streamlines adoption of new IT infrastructure technology by providing infrastructure-centric and application-centric migration tools, and automating the many steps required to manually migrate or rebuild VMs and applications to new infrastructure

Split into two technological approaches, Xtract for VMs automates “lift and shift” VM migrations, whereas Xtract for DBs migrates full database instances at the application-level. Both technologies enable easy adoption of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud for existing workloads:

  • Easy migrations with one-click simplicity
  • Near-zero application or VM service outage, with full cutover control
  • Enables migration testing, increasing assurance of migration success
  • Cost efficient, as licenses are included with all Nutanix software editions

Xtract for VM Migrations

Adopting new infrastructure platforms against tight timescales will often require organizations to migrate pre-existing workloads. Nutanix Xtract for VMs simplifies this process with infrastructure-level bulk VM migrations, removing the friction associated with onboarding new IT infrastructure, and enabling businesses to quickly leverage the full potential of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, with near-zero VM or application service outage during migrations.

Xtract for VMs provides granular, project based control via an easy to use UI for automated workload migrations in a simple three-step process.

Define the migration plan

Specify the source cluster with VM selection from individual VMs through to a whole vCenter, and specify the target Nutanix AHV infrastructure and any VM network mapping.

Migrate with minimal downtime

Non-disruptive replication of VMs via VMware’s VADP ensures consistent and efficient replication. Whether VMs are powered up or off, they are kept up-to-date until ready to cutover.


Automatic AHV device driver injection and complete cutover process control keeps application and business disruption to a minimum. Cutover is quick, requiring just a source VM shutdown and reboot of the new VM.

Xtract for DB Migrations

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud scales linearly while enabling high performance business-critical SQL databases. A single appliance is able to support both transactional and analytical databases simultaneously, with terabytes of active data, high performance random read/write and sequential storage operations.

Nutanix Xtract facilitates the migration of existing database instances to a Nutanix Enterprise Cloud. Databases are transformed at the application level, where Xtract discovers all instances in an infrastructure, understands their configuration and performance characteristics, and applies Nutanix best practices to their design template for migration to the target. This transformational approach enables businesses to migrate from any source platform (virtual, physical and public cloud) with ease, optimizing the database servers in the process and extracting maximum value from the Nutanix investment.

  • Simple SQL instance discovery to better understand your environment
  • SQL migration and optimization in accordance with Nutanix best practices
  • Eliminate human error and data inconsistency in migrations
  • Flexible SQL version support from SQL Server 2008 R2 onwards
  • Migrate from any source – physical, virtual or cloud


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