Simplify infrastructure management with one-click operations

Simple, centralized management powered by advanced data analytics

Nutanix Prism is an end-to-end management solution for virtualized datacenter environments that streamlines and automates common workflows, eliminating the need for multiple management solutions across datacenter operations.  Powered by advanced machine learning technology, Prism analyzes system data to generate actionable insights for optimizing virtualization and infrastructure management.

Prism Element Tech Note

Streamline infrastructure management and track datacenter analytics from one screen.

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Prioritizing the User Experience

Nutanix follows a design first philosophy that brings consumer grade design and web scale engineering together to create a user experience that delights customers. Learn how design principles are embedded in every step of our product cycle to develop a product that customers find truly useful and intuitive.

Prism Editions

STARTERA comprehensive systems management solution for single and multi-site management of Nutanix clusters.PROVM operations & systems management with advanced machine intelligence, operations & automation capabilities.
Cluster Management
Single Site Management (Prism Element)STARTERPRO
Multi Site Management
Storage ManagementSTARTERPRO
Multi-hypervisor ManagementSTARTERPRO
Network VisualizationSTARTERPRO
Prism Self Service ManagementSTARTERPRO
One-click Centralized UpgradesPRO
One-Click Planning
Capacity Behavior Trends
Just in Time Forecast
VM Right Sizing
One-Click Performance Monitoring
Alert Analysis
Bottleneck Detection
Anomaly DetectionPRO
One-Click Operational Insights
Prism Advanced SearchPRO
Customizable DashboardPRO
Scheduled ReportingPRO

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