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Nutanix and Google Cloud Expand Partnership Delivering Apps and Desktops as a Service

By Carsten Puls

“In case of emergency, press here”

By Ruben Spruijt

Eliminate Your VPN Access to Frame

By Yangzhi Zhao

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Integrating Frame with Splunk using Frame Admin API

The Nutanix Frame™ Platform records session and audit log information on what actions users and administrators are doing in the Frame Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS). This session and audit log information is available for download from the Frame Console.

Windows OS Optimization Essentials Part 2: Microsoft Store

Operating systems can end up being a lot of work for administrators. Work to configure the image, work to install the applications, and work to provide the best user experience possible. As with any software, what is provided to you is what the developer intended, but not necessarily what you want or need for your end users.

Nutanix Frame and ZScaler Private Access (ZPA)

Nutanix Frame™ Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution supports multiple networking models. One of the more popular networking models for enterprises is the Frame Private networking model. This model allows the Frame workload VMs to have private IP addresses on the enterprise private network and access private networking resources and it is the simplest way to inherit existing network security processes.

Liquidware ProfileUnity & Nutanix Frame

The following blog is one of a series of blogs that will discuss the integration of third-party User Environment management solutions. This blog will focus on Liquidware ProfileUnity™ profile manager with a Nutanix Frame Desktop as a Service (DaaS) deployment.

Windows OS Optimization Essentials Part 2: Microsoft Store

Operating systems can end up being a lot of work for administrators. They need to work to configure the image, install the applications, and provide the best user experience possible. As with any software, what is provided to you is what the developer intended, but not necessarily what you want or need for your end users.

Role-based Access Control and User Authorization in Nutanix Frame

In this blog, we’ll explain how RBAC works in Frame and discuss the best practices for using third-party SAML2 identity providers and authorization rules to implement RBAC.

Bring Your Own Azure Network to Frame

As enterprises continue to expand their IT footprint into the public clouds, extending existing private networking infrastructure into the public cloud has become more critical. To address the flexibility that this requires, Nutanix has added a Bring Your Own (BYO) Networking feature to its Frame™ Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution.

Automated Deployment of a Streaming Gateway Appliance (SGA) with Frame Networking in AWS

In my previous blog, I outlined how the Nutanix Frame™ Bring Your Own (BYO) Networking capability in Amazon Web Services (AWS) could be used to deploy a Frame account in a manner that would allow it to be connected to an existing private network.

Windows OS Optimization Essentials Part 1: Active Setup

This blog series introduces you to Microsoft Windows® Operating System (OS) optimizations, starting with version 1903. I will attempt to keep these optimizations as environment agnostic as possible.

Top 5 DaaS Mistakes and How to Avoid Them — Part 3 of 5: Data Locality

In this blog post, we discuss the concept of data locality--what it is, why it’s important, and how to avoid mistakes regarding it as it relates to designing, and implementing your DaaS environment.

Building a Frame Web Application: Putting API calls together

You’re going to use a Python feature called the REPL (Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop) to explore API calls. The REPL is a program that helps you explore Python commands and data structures interactively.

How to Simplify Centralized Image Management in Nutanix Frame with Microsoft Application Masking

With Application Masking, you can install all the applications into a single Frame™ sandbox and then provide access to these applications based on conditions such as group membership and many other options.

Windows User Profiles in a Frame world

Check out this blog to learn the foundation of Windows user profiles, the pros and cons of different profile solutions, and how to leverage them with Nutanix Frame to deliver the best user experience.

Building a Frame Web Application: Making your first API call

There are contexts in which managing your Frame account by hand isn’t enough. Sometimes you need a deeper integration to seamlessly manage all of your services. That’s where Frame APIs come in.

Nutanix Frame and GPU: Options, Tools, and Best Practices.

This weighty blog describes the use-cases and GPU options for Frame in public clouds and on-premises. It also presents how to right-size the GPU-powered workload VMs, the tools to use, and the common mistakes to avoid when using GPUs with Frame.

From Tony Stark to Iron Man: How EUC is Building Tomorrow's Workspace Today

Nutanix EUC Vision Keynote

Top 5 DaaS Mistakes and How to Avoid Them — Part 2 of 5: Single User vs. Multi-User

While customers would love nothing more than to consume virtual apps and desktops as a commodity service, the truth is that even in 2021, there are a number of design considerations that will ultimately determine whether your DaaS implementation will be successful or not.

Supporting Xi Frame on a Nutanix AHV Cluster: Time Configuration

This blog addresses the importance of time setup for an AHV-based Nutanix cluster supporting an on-prem Xi Frame deployment.

Bring Your Own AWS Network to Xi Frame

Nutanix has added a Bring Your Own (BYO) Networking feature to its Xi Frame® Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution. In this blog, I walk you through how a test environment could be set up in an AWS® infrastructure to familiarize a Xi Frame administrator with how this feature works.

Bring Your Own AWS Network to Frame

Nutanix has added a Bring Your Own (BYO) Networking feature to its Frame® Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution. In this blog, I walk you through how a test environment could be set up in an AWS® infrastructure to familiarize a Frame administrator with how this feature works.

Can Your DaaS Solution Do This? 10 Demos Showing Frame in Action

One of the top sessions at Nutanix EUC Tech Summit, the zero-fluff event designed by and for EUC geeks and visionaries, was the “EUC Demo-only Party.”

Top 5 DaaS Mistakes and How to Avoid Them — Part 1 of 5: Sizing Workload VMs

The purpose of this five-part blog series is to help you identify and (more importantly) avoid the mistakes that others have made when it comes to implementing a DaaS solution!

Education has Changed. Nutanix Frame Helps Schools and Students to continue Learning amid uncertainties.

Nutanix Frame is an innovative, multicloud Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution that addresses digital learning challenges, allowing your students and faculty to access critical applications on any device from any location from a standard web browser.

New Frame App Expands DaaS Use Cases

Frame App for Windows and MacOS is now generally available (GA) with version 5.2+!

Eliminate Your VPN Access to Frame

The new Frame Streaming Gateway Appliance (SGA) is a reverse proxy solution that removes the need for a VPN.

Using the Nutanix Xi Frame Admin API to schedule Elasticity Settings

Cloud-based infrastructure has empowered IT managers with the ability to provide their users with virtually unlimited on-demand compute and storage resources from datacenters across the world.

Frame Networking Solutions in the Public Cloud

A multipart blog series on how to provide a secure work environment for your Nutanix Frame users

UX with Frame including WAN and mobile scenarios explained!

How can you use Nutanix Frame, our desktop as a service solution, to both deliver a great user experience and lower costs?

Stratodesk NoTouch is officially AHV ready for Nutanix Frame

Why is being Nutanix Ready a big deal? The reason is this: being Nutanix Ready shows that a solution is trusted to enhance the Nutanix delivery infrastructure.

Nutanix Xi Frame Achieves AWS Digital Workplace Competency Status

As an AWS Partner Network (APN) Technology Partner since 2014 we’re proud to be one of the first APN partners to achieve this newly unveiled AWS Competency.

Introducing CCA 3.0

Earlier this month, we took a big leap forward with the release of the Frame Cloud Connector Appliance (CCA) version 3.0

Frame in a Google World

Nutanix Xi Frame and Google with 1-click Identity, Application, Infrastructure, and Storage integration

Nutanix and Google Cloud Expand Partnership Delivering Apps and Desktops as a Service

Google Cloud and Nutanix have been working together for several years to enable the best possible user experience for apps and desktops that are streamed from the cloud.

Addressing New Challenges in Education with Frame

Over the last decade, technology has been completely transforming education and the learning experience, from K-12 to higher ed.

Future of Work: VDI and DaaS Will be Critical

Is VDI or DaaS (or a combination of both) right for you? This blog examines some key findings of that research—including the benefits and challenges of each technology—to help you make smarter EUC decisions.

Storage and Frame - options explained!

Applications without data is like an awesome Tesla Cybertruck without batteries. It's all about the data, apps are just access.

Frame Video Walkthroughs, as easy as 1-2-3

Imagine getting a complete overview of Frame including seeing how an end user utilizes the LaunchPad and how a Frame admin uses the Dashboard and the Frame super administrator interface.

Desktop as a Service on 4 Different Cloud Platforms in 3 Minutes

Connecting your cloud subscription to Frame is delightfully simple. So simple, it takes minutes you’re looking at about 2 minutes and just a few clicks.

Introducing Azure NVv4 and Nutanix Frame

In this post you will learn the technology details about the NVv4 - the first Azure cloud based instance type to use virtualized AMD GPUs.

Virtual Events Take Center Stage in Our New Reality

Since the early days of events in virtual reality, a lot has changed. Most notably, the proliferation of VR headsets has made a fully immersive experience possible. Access to the kind of graphics hardware needed to render these virtual spaces on a 2D screen is nearly ubiquituos with either local GPUs or cloud-based GPUs accessible from any device. But despite huge leaps forward in technology, we’re still in the early days of VR adoption for events. I’ve “attended” just a few VR events in the past and they were a good start, but light attendance meant that the interaction with others was just not there...yet.

How to Be Successful with Desktop-as-a-Service, Part 2: Security, Endpoints, Management, and Culture

"How to Be Successful with DaaS: Part 2" focuses on identity management and security, endpoint devices, workspace and application management, and company culture.

How to Be Successful with Desktop-as-a-Service part 1

Desktop-as-a-Service means different things to different people, so it is important to understand what each potential provider offers and who is responsible for managing what.

Web Browsers: Your Greatest Strength and Weakness

By implementing secure browser technologies on Nutanix Xi Frame, organizations can isolate this most vulnerable entry point and seamlessly maintain and upgrade it without impacting the end user in any way.

VDI vs DaaS: How Do You Choose?

This blog compares VDI and DaaS in five major areas where significant differences exist.

“In case of emergency, press here”

Enable “work from anywhere”—in any circumstance—and do it in 5 easy steps.

What is DaaS in Cloud Computing? | Nutanix

DaaS provides many of the same advantages as VDI, without the need to design, procure, deploy, and manage the necessary hardware and software yourself.

Using Peripherals with Xi Frame

In this blog, we will update you on the latest Xi Frame supported device, as well as the innovative approach we’ve taken to addressing specific use cases like printing or file transfers with virtual desktops.

Try Frame for Free: A quick 2-hour Test Drive or a comprehensive 30-day Trial

There are two ways to try Xi Frame for free. Yes, you heard that right. Try Xi Frame for no cost.

Managed Desktops on AHV as Easy as 1-2-3

A walk through setting up Xi Frame to host your apps, desktops, and user data on Nutanix infrastructure running AHV in just a few easy steps.

Nutanix Frame Partner Community Summit in Belgrade

Read about our experience at the 3-day long Nutanix Frame Partner Community Summit in Belgrade, a place where Frame was born.

2019 - Xi Frame Year-in-Review

With this post, we’ll cover the key releases and kick off a whole new series of technical blogs dedicated to keeping you up to speed on the latest Frame features, tips, customer stories, best practices and more.

Benefits & Advantages of End User Computing | Nutanix

In this blog, I’ll talk about the top three benefits of end-user computing and how to achieve your organization’s desired outcomes around virtual desktops.

How Virtual Desktops Benefit Your Organization

Virtual desktops are rapidly replacing physical desktops and laptops in many work environments. These virtual workspaces may be delivered by virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) running in your data center, or desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solutions in the cloud.

Why Organizations Are Making the Public Cloud Jump

Even though the world is a decade into the cloud era, organizations of all shapes and sizes are still considering what moves, if any, they want to make with regard to the cloud. So, it makes sense to look at what the cloud offers. Or more specifically, why organizations are making the move to public cloud. Let’s start by taking a look at the existing on-premise model to identify potential pain points

Learn Without Limits

Technology in schools is definitely behind schedule when compared to other institutions in our society. Here is how Nutanix can help.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud and Xi Frame’s Adventure: Be Excellent to Each User

Nutanix is expanding hybrid cloud capabilities by empowering customers to deliver their virtual applications and desktops in the cloud of their choice, private or public

Defining DaaS: Desktop-as-a-Service

A new level of confusion hit the tech world when cloud computing became practical in the enterprise and the term “XaaS” was coined. XaaS, or anything-as-a-service, was used to describe the seemingly endless list of digital services that can be delivered via the cloud.

How to Build a True Multi-Cloud Service

Earlier today, at Nutanix .NEXT in Anaheim, we shared with the 7,000+ attendees that you can now use Frame to provision one-click virtual desktops on your own Nutanix cluster running AHV.