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Enable Multicloud Cost Optimization with Xi Beam

Get specific right-sizing recommendations for cloud resources and optimal purchase plans for reserved instances that drive deep cost savings in multi-cloud environments.

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Get Comprehensive Cloud Cost Analytics

Leverage deep visibility into your multicloud consumption, at aggregate as well as granular levels, to precisely identify cost drivers. Xi Beam automatically identifies cost anomalies to ensure cloud operators are immediately alerted when spending deviations occur. Now you can enable accurate planning based on complete cost visibility into both public and private cloud spend—including a configurable total cost of ownership (TCO) model for your entire Nutanix footprint.

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Multi-cloud Chargeback & Budgeting

Cloud Cost Anomaly Detection

Nutanix Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Achieve Cloud Cost Optimization

Utilize specific optimization recommendations to easily right-size and eliminate cloud resources with a single click. Xi Beam uses a machine intelligence-driven algorithm to continuously suggest optimal purchase plans for reserved instances that drive deep cost savings. Xi Beam customers save, on an average, 35% over their public cloud spend.

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Drive Efficiency with Cloud Cost Governance

Maintain high levels of cloud cost efficiency by employing Xi Beam to automate cost saving actions such as start/stop automation, automatic deletion of unused resources, and more. Create multicloud budgets for various teams or projects, track spending against allocated budgets, and get alerts when budgets are exceeded.

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