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Euronet Worldwide Replaces Legacy Three-Tier Infrastructure with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

Migration to Nutanix AHV Hypervisor to Achieve 63 Per Cent Projected TCO savings Over Five Years

Mumbai, India – July 12 2017 – Nutanix (NASDAQ: NTNX), a leader in enterprise cloud computing, announced today the deployment of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform with Euronet Worldwide, a global leader in processing secure electronic financial and payment transactions. The deployment enables Euronet to modernise and simplify its IT infrastructure. The objective is to improve business-critical applications performance while achieving a projected 63 per cent total cost of ownership (TCO) savings over a five-year period, by Euronet’s estimates.

By replacing the legacy three-tier IT infrastructure with the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform, Euronet is expecting to save nearly two-third of the operational costs over five years from hardware and support costs. In addition, Euronet projected that the migration to Nutanix AHV (hypervisor) would save a significant cost over the same five-year period just by eliminating the previous VMware licensing and annual support costs.

The deployment also enabled Euronet to deliver significant performance improvements with its business-critical applications. Baskar Raj, CTO, Euronet APAC said, “For example, a batch process to create mobile prepaid recharge reports used to take around 25 minutes with the traditional infrastructure. This has now been reduced to about 10 minutes with the Nutanix solution. This amounts to around eight hours of IT infrastructure effort savings every day that the report is run. Another important advantage is the provisioning of infrastructure for the business requirements which happens within the same day, thereby reducing our time to market and providing agility to the business. This also helps Euronet in moving closer towards a Software Defined Datacentre (SDDC).”

Nutanix Prism also provided a single, integrated dashboard to help reduce management complexity and improve productivity of the IT team. Niranjan Parulekar, Euronet’s Head IT Infrastructure & Security added, “In one of the cases, a 56 virtual machine workload deployment with storage, server and virtualisation environment upgrade was done in just half a day across two sites with Nutanix. A similar deployment with the previous legacy infrastructure would have taken six to seven days. The 1-Click upgrades, shared storage management for SQL and predictable capacity planning translated into about the time spent by four full-time IT admin staff in a year. This helps us in bringing in more efficiencies and channelling our efforts towards business deliveries.”

Euronet also estimated significant savings in terms of reduction in power and cooling (69%), administration time and cost (51%), datacentre rack space (92%), storage foot print (40%) over the next five years. The estimated ROI from Euronet is 326 per cent within the same five-year period compared to the traditional infrastructure.

“Since the beginning of the deployment in July 2016, we’ve worked closely with the visionary IT team at Euronet to ensure the infrastructure modernisation delivers more than just cost savings. In addition to cost-efficiency, we are proud to bring improved productivity to the table. We believe IT infrastructure should provide scalability, reliability and more importantly, convenience and productivity like the public clouds – but without compromising on the control over your own datacentres. Euronet is a great example to showcase the business benefits with the right team and infrastructure in place,” said Sunil Mahale, VP and MD of Nutanix India.

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