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Leading Service Providers are Succeeding with Nutanix

Enterprise Cloud Platform Helps Drive Revenues and Improve Operational Efficiency

SAN JOSE, Calif. – December 22, 2016Nutanix (NASDAQ: NTNX), a leader in enterprise cloud computing, announced ongoing success of service providers globally with its Enterprise Cloud Platform. Nutanix solutions align with service providers’ business model including fast performance and linear scaling, 1-click operational simplicity and predictive analytics, and flexible purchasing options.

Service providers play an important role in delivering IT services in an increasingly competitive and dynamic market. IDC estimates* IaaS and PaaS services delivered by service providers to be approximately USD $81.9 billion by 2020. IT organizations of all sizes have been relying on service provider to help control costs, accommodate changing business needs, and better focus on their core business needs.

However, many service provider environments are dealing with the complexity and inherent limitations of conventional IT architectures; still rely on silos of infrastructure managed by teams of administrators with specialized skillsets – ranging from networking to storage to virtualization and so on. As a result, tasks such as onboarding new customers or troubleshooting issues can require substantial effort and time, affecting customer SLAs, driving up costs and reducing customer satisfaction. For service providers to be successful and build well-differentiated and profitable services, they have to be able to take advantage of cutting-edge web-scale technologies and continuous innovation, typical in large service providers such as Amazon Web Services.

As a part of the Nutanix X-Powered program, the company has been working with service providers worldwide to build profitable services, leveraging web-scale engineering and consumer-grade design. Here are some customer examples:

ASP Serveur, from France, is a Digital Dimension hosting business unit of Digital Dimension Group, and provides data center co-location, private and public cloud services.

One of the primary limitations they encountered with their existing legacy technology was the need for additional resources to manage the whole infrastructure – one for the network, one for the system, and one more for the storage. The significant advantage with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud is that they are able to deploy and manage the whole solution with just one resource, making it much more cost effective.

ASP Serveur Customer Video

“We experimented with all major solutions, such as EMC, Compellent, or [HPE] BladeSystems. But with all those major solutions, we lost performance when we expanded.” said Sebastian Enderle, President, ASP Serveur Company.

Nabil Rizk, Technical Manager, added “Nutanix was our choice because it was the leading enterprise [solution] in hyperconvergence. What we loved was the simplicity and scalability we have with the solution. Earlier with the other solution, we had to get a technician to install racks, to plan that with the constructor and with the solution. With Nutanix, we install the server, we rack it in the system, we connect to the cluster, and with two clicks, it’s done.”

Micro Logic, a Canadian service provider, needed a reliable and easily managed infrastructure solution for new IaaS offering that would provide the ability to begin with a small deployment and scale quickly with demand.

“We looked at providing IaaS the traditional way, with separate servers, SANs, and switches, but that approach would have required us to make a large upfront investment without knowing how many customers we would be serving,” said Guy Gagnon, VP of Service at Micro Logic. “So instead of investing heavily at first, we needed a more flexible solution that would allow us to grow our service and costs incrementally.”

“Nutanix is the easiest part […] in terms of deployment and day-to-day management,” noted Gagnon. “By choosing Nutanix, we obtained an easily scalable, reliable, and powerful solution for our new IaaS offering—at an excellent price. It’s great that we don’t have to worry about that piece of our infrastructure anymore.”

JSC Kazakhtelecom, from Kazakhstan, was relying on a traditional 3-tier architecture environment, with legacy servers, SAN networking infrastructure, and an aging SAN storage system. Their IT management team started looking for new computing infrastructure that could support all mission-critical applications, database information, and decision-making systems for the company’s operational and analytical monthly reporting divisions. High availability and speed of reporting were the two most important factors in choosing the new technology solution.

“The process of preparing the test environment took less than one day,” noted Sergey Ivashov, Director of Corporate Information Systems at JSC Kazakhtelecom. “Nutanix surpassed all of the criteria on our list of requirements,” Ivashov reported. “In addition to the high performance and availability, hyperconverged systems take far less space than our previous 3-tier solution. One NX-3000 system occupies just two rack units and consumes only one kilowatt of electrical power, enabling us to reduce our ongoing operational expenses.”

Nutanix partners were able to configure the new cluster in just three hours. “The process involved only one engineer from our side, engaged in the task of tracking the analysis system,” noted Ivashov. “All of our vital business analytics, including our Oracle databases and SAP BusinessObjects, have now been migrated to the Nutanix platform. By moving to Nutanix, we were able to reduce the time required for run the analysis by 3-5x.”

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*Source: IDC Market Forecast on “Worldwide and Regional Public IT Cloud Services” (IDC #US40739016, Dec 2016)

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