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Nutanix Joins Hortonworks Certified Technology Partner Program

First Converged Infrastructure Solution Certified to Run Hortonworks Data Platform Benchmarked 2X Faster than Legacy Technology

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 26, 2013

Nutanix, the leading provider of hyper-efficient, massively scalable and elegantly simple datacenter infrastructure solutions, today announced it has joined the Hortonworks Certified Technology Partner program. Joint Nutanix and Hortonworks customers are assured that Nutanix’s converged infrastructure solution has been tested, validated and certified for full interoperability with Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP).

Big data processing enables enterprises to mine and analyze large unstructured data sets quickly for better business insight and improved decision-making. Apache Hadoop has matured to the point where it is at the center of the next-generation of enterprise data architectures. Many IT teams deploying Hadoop and leveraging non-virtualized infrastructures, however, have found it difficult to efficiently scale and typically experience low infrastructure utilization when servers are idle. Deployments on traditional virtualized infrastructures, including those with SAN or NAS-based centralized storage, suffer from severe inflexibility making it difficult to scale cost effectively or provide the performance required for big data workloads. This prohibits big data projects from running adjacent to other business-critical workloads on the same infrastructure.

Nutanix’s Virtual Computing Platform enables data scientists and programmers to run virtualized big data jobs at high performance and at massive scale. In fact, Nutanix outperforms other leading infrastructure solutions by 2X on a rack space basis, when measured by the popular TeraSort benchmark1. Much of this performance advantage is derived from Nutanix’s powerful information lifecycle management (ILM) capabilities, which intelligently places data on the correct compute node for the fastest possible processing. The Nutanix distributed file system is ideal for supporting the massive parallel processing that is at the heart of big data.

Additionally, Nutanix enables virtualized Hadoop deployments to seamlessly co-exist with other applications so that organizations can leverage datacenter investments across the organization. HDP runs on the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform out-of-the-box and enables jobs to be flexibly scheduled during off-peak hours to take advantage of idle datacenter resources.

The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform converges compute and storage in a single appliance to eliminate the need for expensive storage networks and arrays, such as SANs. The solution enables business owners and data scientists to rely on simple, building block infrastructure for big data projects that can seamlessly scale – one node at a time. Nutanix provides leading distributed infrastructure solutions ideal for running highly distributed HDP-powered applications.

For HDP-based Hadoop implementations, Nutanix offers the following benefits:

  • Lower Datacenter Costs – Nutanix enables big data projects to run on the same infrastructure as line of business applications, thus eliminating the requirement for dedicated infrastructure
  • Best-of-Class Map Reduce Performance – Benchmarked at 2X the throughput performance of other solutions, Nutanix runs MapReduce jobs faster than traditional infrastructure
  • Greater Efficiency – Snapshot and fast clone capabilities enable parallel MapReduce branches so that multiple big data jobs can run side-by-side for maximum efficiency
  • Standardization and Simplicity at Scale – Nutanix easily integrates and scales with Hortonworks Data Platform without disruption to ongoing operations
  • Ease of Integration and Management – Nutanix delivers a simple-to-use reference architecture designed specifically for HDP-based big data implementations.

Supporting Quotes

“Through the Hortonworks Certified Technology Partner Program, we identify stand-out technology partners whose solutions easily integrate with Hortonworks Data Platform to handle the complexities and scale of big data. Nutanix offers Hortonworks customers one of the most effective platforms for running big data projects at scale, while also handling multiple workloads on the same infrastructure.”

– Mitch Ferguson, vice president of business development, Hortonworks

“With proven interoperability between Nutanix and Hortonworks platforms customers gain the best possible performance and scale for their Hadoop implementations. As a Hortonworks Certified Technology Partner, we are making it easier for Hortonworks users to affordably deploy and scale their big data projects out of the box.”

– Howard Ting, vice president of marketing, Nutanix


1. Nutanix testing has demonstrated 250 MB/sec sort throughput for a single 2U Nutanix platform using the popular TeraSort performance benchmark. The previous announced record, leveraging traditional storage and server technologies and normalized for an equivalent 2U footprint, was 110 MB/sec. For more information, please see:


Click for more information on the Nutanix solution for Hadoop implementations and to get a copy of the Nutanix Reference Architecture for Hortonworks HDP.

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