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Nutanix And Fusion-Io Achieve 50-Node Benchmark Validating Enterprise-Class Virtualization Scale-Out Without Network Storage

SAN JOSE, CALIF.― November 15, 2011 ― Nutanix, the first company to offer a Google-like scale-out building block for SAN-less virtualized datacenters, today announced that it teamed up with Fusion-io to demonstrate linear performance scalability for its Nutanix Complete Cluster solution in a 50-node benchmark leveraging Fusion ioMemory. The benchmark validates Nutanix’s suitability and performance predictability in demanding virtualization deployments, and gives insight into the ongoing operational cost savings associated with Nutanix’s SAN-busting clustered architecture.

Prior to the Nutanix solution being available, customers have had to re-architect and overprovision SAN storage to meet the I/O requirements of virtualization workload, costing time, money and physical datacenter space. With Nutanix Complete Cluster and features including Heat Optimizing Tiering that leverage Fusion ioDrives, these businesses are able to deliver the I/O performance that their applications demand while saving money.

Hear directly from a Nutanix customer about their experience with using the Nutanix and Fusion-io solution to enable high-performance virtualization with enterprise-class features during a live webinar on November 16, 2011 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific.

“The innovative use of Fusion ioMemory in Nutanix’s converged compute and storage architecture maximizes performance for demanding virtualization use cases,” said Will Hall, Fusion-io VP of OEM Sales. “This benchmark test shows that performance scales linearly, saving capital and time for enterprise organizations as they grow their deployments. Fusion-io is proud to be working with Nutanix on this new approach to harnessing the power of ioMemory technology for customers’ enterprise virtualization needs.”

With a Fusion-io 320 GB ioDrive on each node, this 50-node configuration of the Nutanix Complete Cluster demonstrated 375,000 random write IOPS and 224 Gbps of sequential read bandwidth, as measured by the Iometer performance test tool. A single Nutanix Complete Block of four nodes demonstrated 25,000 random write IOPS and 16 Gbps, with a total of 12.5 blocks fitting into 3/5th of a single datacenter rack, illustrating a 2-5X datacenter footprint savings over traditional server and network storage solutions.

“Injecting flash storage into a traditional SAN is extremely expensive and ineffective in practice because performance is severely throttled by the data having to traverse layers of network switches and storage controllers,” explains Mohit Aron, CTO of Nutanix. “The Nutanix approach is to instead use the server-attached Fusion ioDrive at the point of compute in our converged building block to unlock the full performance potential of flash. Combined with our cluster software, the Nutanix architecture enables virtualization capabilities like VMware’s high availability and vMotion to deliver this high-performance while still meeting enterprise-class virtualization needs.”

Each Nutanix Complete Block is a dense 2U unit that contains 4 nodes, with each node containing 2 six-core Intel Xeon processors and 48 GB RAM (upgradeable to 192 GB) for running virtual machines, and a 320 GB Fusion ioDrive, 300 GB SATA SSD and 5 TB of SATA drives for storing the virtual machines. Customers can add single nodes or a block of four nodes to grow their deployments as their needs grow, knowing that each compact block delivers the right combination of compute, storage and networking for predictable performance scale-out.

With 40-60% CAPEX savings over traditional server and network storage offerings, the converged compute and storage approach in the Nutanix solution not only offers grow-as-you-go simplicity with its modular Nutanix Complete Block, but also unbeatable price-performance as customers scale from small to large deployments.

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