Quest® NetVault® provides comprehensive data protection for Nutanix Environments and gives users complete backup and recovery for Nutanix AHV and Nutanix Files. NetVault protects your AHV environments at the VM and disk levels. You get crash-consistent and applicationconsistent image backups and restores. NetVault also protects Nutanix Files deployments through native volume snapshots so open files can be protected in a consistent manner. With NetVault, both Linux NFS and Windows SMB file shares can be protected. NetVault uses the Nutanix Change File Tracking (CFT) API, which keeps track of all the changes to the files and directories since the last snapshot, and allows users to back up only the incremental changes. With this approach, NetVault accelerates backups and reduces the required backup storage space. Bottom line, NetVault simplifies data protection and recovery of all your Nutanix data.