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Fortanix Inc.

Fortanix Data Security Manager™ (DSM) is a unified platform delivering data security and privacy solutions powered by Confidential Computing. The DSM platform secures data across hybrid, multicloud environments, enabling customers to maintain greater control, security, and compliance over sensitive data. Fortanix DSM delivers cryptography, key lifecycle management, data masking and tokenization, and secure DevOps with a modern, intuitive user experience. Fortanix DSM is natively integrated with a FIPS 140-2 level 3-certified HSM and is available with a customer choice of deployment models: on-premises, virtual appliances running in private or public cloud, or a fully managed SaaS across multiple global regions. The platform easily integrates with an existing technology stack via SDKs, REST APIs and an ecosystem of pre-built partner integrations. Customers also can enforce least privileged data access with RBAC and Quorum Controls to support Zero Trust architecture, drive crypto-agility with rapid implementation of the latest NIST approved quantum-resistant algorithms, and search for sensitive data and run AI models in a confidential computing trusted execution environment.

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