Actian, the hybrid data management, analytics, and integration company, delivers data as a competitive advantage to thousands of organizations worldwide. Through the deployment of innovative, enterprise-class, hybrid data products, fully managed cloud services, mobile and IoT Edge data management, and industry solutions. Actian ensures that business-critical systems can optimally connect, transact, and analyze on-premise and in the cloud. Thousands of forward-thinking organizations around the globe trust Actian to help them solve their toughest data challenges to transform how they run their businesses…with data.

Actian Zen Edge Data Management is a single, secure, modular, and scalable solution that embeds in or bundles with applications for remote/branch, mobile, and IoT data processing and analytics. Zen provides SQL and NoSQL access for any type of data from within most popular programming languages on Windows (IoT Core, Desktop, Server), Linux (embedded and standard), MacOS, iOS, and Android, running on 64-bit ARM and Intel platforms.