Wipro and Nutanix: Better Together 

Partnering to Deliver Outcome Based Solutions

The Wipro and Nutanix partnership aims to deliver value to customers through innovative offerings and differentiated engagement models. The relationship has expanded into a broad array of solutions and services in various industry domains and technology domains.

Together the companies are committed to developing and delivering competencies on technologies including Hybrid Cloud Solutions, Software Defined Everything (SDx), Internet of Things (IoT), RoBo, Database migration and Virtuadesk™ (VDI).

Why work with Wipro and Nutanix

Wipro and Nutanix partner to design and deliver solutions that help enterprises drive the complex business transformation of people, processes, and technology.

Win Fast, Win Often

Faster Time to market on complex and transformational projects

Better End User Experience

High performing, outcome based solutions for improved customer experience

Meet Business Goals

IT and business goals in lock-step ensure agility and operational efficiencies

Proven Expertise and Results

Proven partnership, solutions and SLAs that reduce TCO and guarantee ROI for IT projects

Joint Solutions

Through this partnership, customers benefit from joint solutions that include:

Wipro Virtuadesk™ Powered by Nutanix

Wipro Virtuadesk™ is an appliance focused on complete desktop virtualization solutions for the dynamic virtual workplace. It takes advantage of cloud architecture principles and the latest infrastructure to create a high-performance, secure and cost-effective way of delivering virtual desktops and applications. It is a flexible, fully managed solution based on an appliance model with best-of-breed components and guaranteed SLAs to support workplace mobility and modernization to increase responsiveness and productivity. Powered by Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, this solution integrates hardware, software, and managed services; is offered via a “pay as you grow” model and can be deployed either on premises or hosted in the cloud.

See How Customers Can Transform their Business With Wipro virtuadesk™ Powered By Nutanix

Financial Services



VDIaaS for a Large and Growing Financial Institution

Wipro successfully leveraged Nutanix to deliver a virtual desktop solution that cut down deployment time from hours to minutes. This readily scalable solution is capable of supporting dynamic workflows for a large and global workforce.

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Wipro’s Digital Database Platform Services 2.0 Accelerates Modernization with Nutanix Integration

High-performance database environments for faster time-to-market, accelerated innovation and simplified operations

Wipro’s Digital Database Platform Services 2.0, built on Nutanix and integrated with Wipro’s ServiceTheater redefines database lifecycle management, improving productivity and accelerating infrastructure modernization.

With the proliferation of database engines and increasing complexity of database management in an evolving application landscape, a robust Database-as-a-Service platform becomes critical to success. Challenges engulfing legacy database management are multiple, including storage cost, infrastructure maintenance, longer provisioning cycles and lack of automation of complex legacy databases.

Wipro’s Digital Database Platform Services 2.0 (DDPS) is a fully managed Database-as-a-Service (FMDBaaS) offering that hosts traditional and next-generation databases on a unified platform in a hybrid-cloud environment. Built on Nutanix cloud technology, and integrated with Wipro’s Service Theatre, DDPS provides enterprises with database self-service provisioning, autonomous lifecycle management, flexible consumption model, developer-friendly APIs for DevOps integration and simplified management. What’s more, Wipro’s DDPS 2.0, integrated with Service Theatre built on Nutanix database service, Nutanix cloud infrastructure and Nutanix cloud manager delivers effortless database administration, improved IT infrastructure management, simplified operations and scalable business solutions.

Wipro’s DDPS 2.0 enhances scalability on a single console while self-configuring to meet the evolving demands of the end-user. It integrates public cloud platforms with existing databases while leveraging web-scale cloud infrastructure. DDPS 2.0 supports faster growth, stimulates innovation, offers impetus on return on investment (ROI) and promotes cost governance.

Wipro AppAnywhere Powered by Nutanix

Wipro AppAnywhere™ is a managed service comprised of tightly integrated technologies that deliver end-to-end automation of the IT lifecycle for traditional and container-based applications. Powering this solution are Nutanix technologies—including Nutanix HCI and Nutanix’s Karbon™ management solution. Wipro AppAnywhere powered by Nutanix helps create a simpler, more manageable Kubernetes environment to addresses the needs of enterprises across on-premises and public cloud environments.

RoBoaaS (Remote and Branch Office-as-a-Service)

Wipro’s ROBOaaS is a turn-key solution built on hyper-converged infrastructure and associated software that’s supplied, deployed and managed. Designed to offer a true ‘branch-in-a-box’ experience – ROBOaaS provides an environment that delivers value in terms of simplicity, scalability, ease of manageability, reduced costs and risks, and flexible financial modeling in the datacenter or remote site. Customers benefit from Wipro’s long-standing service delivery experience and the strength of Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure.


Wipro’s Tools-in-a-Box is a solution built on Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure and AHV Hypervisor to run ML and AI driven tools such as Splunk & other network monitoring services to accelerate greenfield and brownfield customer deployments. The solution is built to provide agility and flexibility for tools deployments. By leveraging this solution architecture, customers benefit from:

 Access to pre-installed and configured tools that are ready to deploy
 Reduced transition time for operations
 Reduced cost and loading of resources for installation and configuration
 Must have tools such as discovery and event management in place well before the go-live date
 Elastic infrastructure to accommodate future needs
 Uniformity in deployment and best practices implementation


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