Solution Briefs

Nutanix Insights: Simplifying IT Support Operations

Maximize infrastructure uptime, performance and security with a predictive and proactive support service

Nutanix Insights is an integrated service that augments product support, reducing customer case volume and expediting issue resolution time. Pulse2 is the underlying technology that securely transmits system-level diagnostic data to the Insights platform, enabling predictive health and context-aware support automation workflows. With Nutanix Insights and Pulse telemetry, customers benefit from an average uptime in excess of five 9s3.


Enabled on a per-cluster basis, Pulse is packaged as a part of NCC4 ensuring that no matter which version of Nutanix AOS or hypervisor vendor is in use, customers can always benefit from the latest Insights enhancements to improve infrastructure health.

The data Pulse shares5 with Nutanix is via a highly secure end-to-end encrypted REST channel and includes:

Pulse Data

Nutanix Pulse does not gather, nor communicate, any guest VM specific data, user data, metadata or any personally-identifiable information such as administrator credentials. No system-level data from any customer is ever shared with third parties6.

1 Applicable for NX nodes
2 Nutanix Pulse is disabled by default and requires customers to opt-in
3 Based on 12 months of Nutanix Support data between March 2020 and February 2021
4 Nutanix Cluster Check (NCC) is cluster-resident software that can help diagnose cluster health
5 Full details in TechNote-2133 -
6 Nutanix privacy policy statement -


Nutanix Insights provides organizations with an experience akin to having a dedicated Systems Reliability Engineer (SRE) monitoring your infrastructure, 24/7/365.

This experience starts by enabling Pulse on each Nutanix cluster which then shares system-level diagnostic data with Insights providing customers with a personalized, intelligent support experience:

Intelligent Support Experience

Nutanix Insights enables faster issue analysis and reduces support case resolution times by up to 40%. Automated workflows open support cases when critical issues are detected, such as for DIMM or disk failures, then collate and upload only the relevant logs from the correct time period. Organizations can also choose to incorporate management approval prior to log uploads. A Nutanix SRE is automatically assigned to the case, and if appropriate, replacement parts are dispatched to the customer.


The Nutanix commitment to customer success starts by providing world-class support with an industry recognised Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 90+ average for six consecutive years. Support is enhanced by the Insights service providing actionable recommendations based on predictive Pulse data analysis, from which customers can uncover gaps in infrastructure health, availability, security and performance. Benefits include:

  • Recommendations based on predictive analysis help improve infrastructure health and uptime.
  • 33% are common issues that can be resolved without a support case, expediting resolution. 
  • A dedicated unified dashboard provides the health status of your infrastructure. 

By incorporating Insights into daily workflows, IT teams can quickly and easily discover optimization possibilities and proactively address them before they become more critical, require a support case, or incur an outage.

The Insights unified dashboard presents the health status for an organization’s entire on-prem, hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure, from datacenter to edge network. Data can be viewed by cluster, site or geography. Each Insights Discovery includes details of the issue together with one or more simple to follow Recommendations to resolve them. This enables IT teams to easily prioritize focus on optimizing infrastructure health.

Staying current with Field and Security Advisories (FAs & SAs) is crucially important to infrastructure health. Via the Insights dashboard, IT administrators can easily view outstanding advisories as they are released and can take quick action to resolve issues, helping to maintain a positive security and compliance posture.