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Secure and Simplify VDI with Nutanix Unified Storage 

Simplify file sharing for End User Computing while increasing data security and protection against cyber threats. 

From Financial Services to Healthcare and the Public Sector, organizations increasingly rely on End User Computing (EUC) to satisfy the diverse needs of employees, whether in the office, remote, or in hybrid workstyles. However, the surge in the number of users coupled with rapid data growth has put a strain on the file servers and NAS systems that store critical user profiles and file shares. These systems often fall short in delivering scalability and performance, are expensive and cumbersome to manage, and lack robust  data protection and security requirements.

As a leading provider of EUC and storage solutions, Nutanix eliminates the need for separate file servers or NAS systems, unifying your data and reducing complexity while satisfying the most rigorous security and compliance needs.

"We needed a scalable solution that could give insight into our data, auto-tier older data to S3 where it would be easily accessible and empower our users to reclaim storage as we grow. Nutanix Data Lens helps us manage our big data assets across geo-located datacenters, so we remain compliant with our security policies for Ransomware protection - all from a single management view.” 

Garth Brockton, Group IT Manager at ARRB Systems RA, explains why they chose Data Lens

Nutanix Unified Storage: Unified Data Services Platform for your VDI Environment

Nutanix Unified Storage (NUS) is a software-defined storage platform consolidating file, object, and block storage into a single platform. Integrated with Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), NUS enhances the security and performance of virtual desktops and applications, while simplifying administration of storage. Your team can easily manage and control all file, object, and block data in one place—both on-premises and in the cloud such as AWS and Azure.


1. Simplified management - Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) administrators can easily manage storage with one-click operation and automation from reduced data fragmentation and sprawl by consolidating Files, Objects and Volume storage.

2. Scale with performance - NUS offers performance and flexibility with All-Flash, high-density storage that supports high random IO, low latency requirements of VDI Workloads. 

3. Security-first design - Integrated security with Nutanix Data Lens offers tools to detect, prevent, recover from, and analyze cyber attacks. The solution comes with built-in snapshots, disaster recovery (DR), WORM and immutable storage capabilities.

4. Flexible consumption - Single flexible, consumption-based license across all three storage types - files, objects and volumes. Files Storage also offers non-disruptive updates for continuously available (CA) shares making disruptive updates to the VDI environment a thing of the past.

Security, Compliance and Ransomware Protection

In today’s hybrid and remote workstyle environments employees are working from a variety of locations outside the traditional secure confines of the office building. These end users are also switching across multiple devices throughout their day increasing an organization’s threat landscape.

Nutanix Cloud Platform (NCP) and Nutanix Files Storage deliver the foundational capabilities essential for zero trust, delivering greater protection for sensitive operations and data.

Nutanix Files Storage provides audit trails to track file access over time, simplifying compliance. Easy-to-use dashboards and customizable reporting provide deeper insight into data usage.

Nutanix Data Lens proactively assesses data risks and automates responses to help you gain greater control over critical data. Data Lens offers actionable insights into data access, user activity, data age, data type, and more. Seeded with 5600+ known signatures, Nutanix Data Lens scans for ransomware using signature-based and event-pattern-based detection and notifies you in the event of a ransomware attack.

Getting Started With Nutanix Unified Storage

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