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Accelerate your Application Modernization Journey

Build and Deploy Modern Apps at Scale with Red Hat OpenShift and Nutanix Database Service

Today's enterprises require robust solutions for integrating application development and database management. Nutanix Database Service (NDB) unifies databases with software development to deliver the performance, resilience and security critical production workloads demand, while reducing administration requirements and optimizing performance to lower costs.

​​Red Hat and Nutanix deliver a platform that empowers you to easily build, modernize and deploy containerized apps at scale with integrated database services that run on a hybrid multicloud infrastructure. Red Hat® OpenShift® with NDB improves usability and allows teams to deploy apps and data across infrastructures with unparalleled proficiency.

Red Hat and Nutanix reduce the complexities of traditional infrastructure and processes to help developers shorten the application development lifecycle and continuously deliver high-quality software.

This joint solution focuses on keeping data secure at every level. NDB comes equipped with robust security features such as automated patching, role-based access controls and integrated snapshots.

Red Hat OpenShift offers container security to build, deploy and run cloud-native apps more securely. Together, the solution protects your apps and databases against threats and helps you remain compliant with stringent internal and industry regulations.

Unlock Innovation with Red Hat OpenShift and Nutanix Database Service

Red Hat OpenShift running on Nutanix HCI with NDB creates a unified application platform that advances digital transformation efforts by modernizing apps and infrastructure to enhance business innovation.

  • The API-first NDB architecture automates database administration, facilitating transparent operations for provisioning and lifecycle management.
  • The NDB Operator for Kubernetes with Red Hat OpenShift enables platform teams and developers to treat databases as code, making them a seamless part of modern application lifecycle management.
  • Unlike database operators that only support one database engine, NDB Operator for Kubernetes with Red Hat OpenShift supports three: Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MongoDB. Platform teams only manage one database service to support multiple engines.
  • Red Hat OpenShift is a market-leading Kubernetes-based application platform with powerful management, security and developer capabilities.
  • Developers no longer need to rely on outside teams and lengthy manual processes to access databases, which speeds-up development cycles.
  • The automation of database administration tasks applies operational and security best practices consistently across the database fleet, reducing the chance of human error and freeing-up time for higher-value activities.
  • Productivity improves with the ability to focus on writing apps, not on infrastructure, so teams can deliver customer experiences quickly.
  • Developers benefit from simplified provisioning, cloning, refreshing, and attaching databases to container-based apps in minutes, not days.
  • Applications can be built in a cloud-native way to take advantage of cloud computing models and DevOps principles, making the delivery of new features and services faster and more flexible.
  • The selection of databases made available to developers – including determining operating systems, database versions and security configurations – can be controlled so that all databases conform to security and compliance standards.
  • Teams can develop once and deploy across on-premises, collocated and public cloud infrastructure from a single API and console.
  • Automated data management improves continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) software releases.
  • Database backup and recovery with integrated snapshots to a specific point in time help IT meet recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs).

Nutanix Database Service

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NDB Resources and Getting Started

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