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Nutanix certified VoyagerVM 4.0 rugged servers from Klas

Enterprise-grade rugged, small form-factor compute for the modern command post

To support the modern command post of resiliency and survivability requires cloud processing services and applications to be distributed to the tactical edge. This is especially true in challenging environments where connectivity is not a given. It’s where you need  rugged enterprise-grade servers that can endure life outside the server room and run in any cloud or software stack.

With Nutanix, we accelerate the ease of distributing high-performance computing and networking in the smallest rugged form factor to modernize the command post. Our combined hardware and software delivers versatility and scale to decentralize and manage any cloud and application in support of resilient and survivable mobile command posts, especially where connectivity is challenging.

Frank Murray
Chief Technology Officer, Klas

Hyperconverged infrastructure for mobile command posts

In partnership with Klas, the Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure software – AHV and AOS Version – are certified to run on the VoyagerVM 4.0, an enterprise-grade rugged server. The joint offering delivers full enterprise-grade virtualization capabilities to run all mission-critical applications and communications systems at the tactical edge.

VoyagerVM 4.0, powered by the embedded Intel Xeon D (Ice Lake D), is designed to withstand high vibration and shock and to operate in extreme ambient air-temperatures without issue. It’s small size and low weight and power make it the ideal building block for mobile command posts.

Command post versatility

VoyagerVM 4.0 exposes an expansion interface, allowing additional modules of GPU and storage to be added at any time. The versatile hardware powered by Nutanix software requires minimal IT effort and experience to deploy and manage standalone compute that is easily scaled as part of a distributed computing infrastructure for mobile command posts.

About Klas

Bring the Nutanix Cloud Platform software suite to the tactical edge. Get infrastructure that transcends the walls of the datacenter to support mission-critical applications with rapid deployment, high availability, linear scaling, and secure operations.

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