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Streamline Your IT Operations with Agentless, Real-Time Infrastructure Mapping

Faddom provides agentless mapping of on-premises and cloud infrastructure to deliver comprehensive visibility within minutes. The platform instantly visualizes servers, business applications and interdependencies that enhance hybrid network visibility posture.

With a focus on Application Dependency Mapping (ADM), Faddom generates real-time, accurate documentation of IT assets that is essential for accurate visibility and effective strategic planning. 

Faddom facilitates critical IT processes such as change management, migration planning, microsegmentation and more by keeping dependency mappings current, which enables you to avoid the pitfalls of outdated documentation. Additionally, Faddom promptly detects external threats and vulnerabilities to strengthen network security and safeguard your infrastructure.

Great product for pre-cloud migration discovery. Faddom is a fantastic tool for cloud pre-migration discovery and assessment.

Kanchan Chakraborty,
Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure Architect at Ascendion

Being cloud-independent means there’s no bias in the decision-making process. The automated application discovery and dependency mapping feature is outstanding and I highly recommend it. Fabulous customer support, too.

Kanchan Chakraborty,
Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure Architect at Ascendion

How Faddom streamlines IT operations and enhancing efficiency

Continuous hybrid mapping: Faddom offers real-time, dynamic mapping of multiple data sources to efficiently categorize business applications.

Discovery: Agentless mapping provides 100% accurate documentation of topologies, which is essential for any IT project's success. Without this foundational accuracy, initiatives risk misalignment and failure.

Migration planning: Faddom facilitates business continuity with comprehensive planning tools for on-premises consolidations, transformations, cloud migrations, and transitions to Nutanix. This ensures smooth and effective migrations across various platforms.

Change management: Before implementing changes, Faddom identifies the potential impacts of adding, updating or decommissioning servers. This foresight prevents disruptions and promotes stability.

Enhanced visibility posture: Faddom identifies your external traffic, finds critical software vulnerabilities, and detects changes and anomalies in application and user behavior.

Compliance: With Faddom you always have correct and comprehensive information that is required for IT audits and compliance reviews.

Cost optimization: Faddom makes your IT infrastructure as efficient as possible by ensuring you are not paying for any servers or instances you are not using.

Experience Next-Gen IT Mapping with Faddom on Nutanix

With Faddom, Nutanix customers can experience the future of IT mapping that’s fast, secure and affordable. Transform your Nutanix infrastructure with the seamless Faddom agentless platform. Contact us for a customized demo and discover how real-time mapping can simplify and enhance your IT operations. Elevate your experience with Faddom and start your free trial today.

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