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Backup Made Invisible

Nutanix Mine with HYCU 


Are secondary storage solutions right for your organization? That’s a trick question. Odds are, you already manage secondary data storage somewhere in your infrastructure. The amount of data stored worldwide is estimated to add up to 175 zettabytes by 20251 and the big data and business analytics (BDA) market is predicted to be valued at nearly $275 billion by 2022.² With storage volumes growing at this rate, secondary storage will likely continue to be part of the mix for quite some time.

The challenge is how to simplify the burdensome task of incorporating secondary storage into your enterprise-wide backup and recovery strategy.


Integrated backup solutions are not new—they have been around enterprises for more than a decade. Purpose-built to deploy rapidly and offset the need to manage separate silos of hardware and software, they became popular for legacy infrastructure. These solutions still remained useful when cloud and hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) emerged. But, like any dated technology, they added to the complexity of managing and tightly integrating with the platform of choice. This created issues around manageability, interoperability, and access.

Yet secondary data may very well need to be unarchived quickly—such as when a new stakeholder requests access to the data for research. In addition, your organization will continue to generate data to be stored and managed on top of this. Research from HubSpot suggests enterprises expect the amount of data stored to increase by 33% in the next 12 to 18 months.3

Managing secondary data should not drain IT resources. The question now is: Are you ready to manage this deluge of information that you may or may not need to be readily accessible?


Why can’t backing up secondary storage be simple? Actually, it can. The Nutanix Mine platform extends the simplicity benefits of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud to secondary storage. When combined with HYCU, the result is a secondary storage solution with the platform strength of Nutanix, plus the native HYCU backup service with one-click simplicity and application awareness.

Nutanix Mine with HYCU is the first tightly-integrated, purpose-built secondary storage solution for organizations that need both performance and cost savings. As an integrated backup solution, it provides coverage for Nutanix Files, Objects and Volumes and eliminates the complexity associated with legacy secondary and/or backup software solutions.

The combined platform provides complete coverage for customer workloads, eliminates the need for a dedicated backup team and delivers management of the entire production and backup infrastructure from one console.

Nutanix Mine with HYCU solution:

  • Makes backup a native service of the platform
  • Eliminates the need for siloed infrastructure for backup
  • Allows you to modularly grow backup capacity and performance
  • Assures application availability and eliminates the need for a dedicated backup team


Those already familiar with Nutanix will quickly get up and running with Nutanix Mine with HYCU. It uses the Nutanix Prism interface for management, so no additional training, resources or dedicated teams are required to manage your secondary storage array.

The solution offers a completeness of coverage currently unmatched in the marketplace. It’s ideal for enterprise applications and workloads across all Nutanix infrastructure and tightly integrated with Nutanix Volumes, as well as Files. Impact to production workloads is also minimized with the power of Nutanix snapshots.

Not currently a Nutanix user? Nutanix Mine with HYCU is simple to deploy and manage for both Nutanix and non-Nutanix users alike.


Secondary storage solutions are not new, but fully integrated ones are. Nutanix Mine with HYCU is ideal for enterprise apps and workloads across all Nutanix-led datacenter infrastructure. The solution offers tight, native integration with Nutanix Volumes and Nutanix Files. And it leverages the power of Nutanix snapshots for memory-intensive VMs, eliminating any production workload impact.


Discover how simple and invisible your backup can be with Nutanix Mine with HYCU. Learn more here.

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