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Accelerate Operations & Improve Business Outcomes with Nutanix Database Services


Data is the lifeblood of your organization and its competitive differentiation. The tremendous volume and velocity of data and the growing need to harness it quickly calls for a new approach to managing databases. Unfortunately, most enterprise organizations have high-performance databases deployed on an infrastructure with discrete compute, storage, and network resources sprawled and fragmented managing different parts of database workloads. The result: inefficient operations and spiraling costs that are difficult to contain.

Managing segregated workloads results in burdensome manual processes that can expose your databases to costly human error. In fact, 91% of datacenters have experienced an unplanned outage in the past 12 months. Many IT organizations must commit at least 80% of their time and resources to simply maintain and test existing legacy databases. These high maintenance costs stem from databases deployed on traditional infrastructure resulting in slow provisioning, lack of scalability, and expensive workarounds for disaster recovery. As your business grows, so will the need for faster database performance with more agility. Traditional infrastructures can’t support all these operational demands at scale.

Fortunately, there’s a better way. Nutanix Cloud Platform with Nutanix Era, is a modern database infrastructure than can help you manage your segregated workloads more effectively, simplify how you manage databases, reduce costs, improve performance and availability, and deliver the ability to rapidly scale as needed.

Nutanix Era Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) makes it easy to consolidate database management operations through a single API and console. Era’s one-click operations streamline and simplify database management, reducing time spent on tedious, error-prone manual tasks. Leverage Nutanix Era to automate a lot of the database administrative load. The result is a database solution that performs as the business demands: always available, secure, and extremely cost-efficient.


Acceleration is key to achieving ROI—doing things faster, with greater efficiency, and adapting to changing needs with less time required to pivot helps deliver improved TCO and faster ROI. The Nutanix solution for databases gives you the agility to deploy infrastructure and databases in just minutes to hours and accelerate development and test deployment by up to 10X. This is where the real value in acceleration lies—beating your competition to critical insights and getting a jump on innovation. Increased speed and efficiency allow your users to have the right information at the right time for data-driven decision-making.

“We have gone beyond HCI with Nutanix, using its suite of products for application and database automation, micro-segmentation and much more for faster business results, while never losing the promise of simplicity and high performance.” Tejas Mehta, CTO, RBL Bank

Consolidate complex database operations with a simplified database platform that can help you increase database performance, improve operational efficiency, and realize benefits of $9.0 million over three years and a 291% ROI. Harness the full potential of your data and open new revenue opportunities for your business with the Nutanix solution for databases.

Simplified and Efficient Database Management On Your Terms Nutanix Cloud Platform with Nutanix Era

Nutanix Era enables database administration teams (DBAs) and IT professionals to easily manage large fleets of SQL Server, Oracle Database, and PostgreSQL databases via one console and API. Era streamlines and simplifies database administration, assisting DBA teams in managing their database fleet at scale, allowing them to focus on their most critical databases. By combining the benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure with DBaaS, Nutanix Era delivers a full solution to provision, patch, and protect and scale your database fleet.

  • Deploy and scale your database in just a few minutes with one-click simplicity.
  • Clone, provision, patch, refresh, and backup in minutes with a single click.
  • Achieve non-disruptive IT operations with zero downtime and zero data loss.
  • Reduce tedious manual operations with automated cloning, provisioning, data protection, and patching.

“Era has become a self-service platform for us, which removed dependency on other teams to provide a database server. We are now able to quickly provision a new database on an existing SQL Server or provision a new server with new databases in a matter of a few minutes. Tasks that could take hours before being reduced to a matter of minutes.” Simon Hoggart, IT Manager, Semlex.

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