10 Reasons to Choose Nutanix for Your VMware to Cloud Migration

The acquisition of VMware by Broadcom has some organizations seeking to rebalance workloads between on-premises and the public cloud. Nutanix can help if you’re moving ahead with your cloud migration plans or in the preparation stages. Here are 10 reasons to choose Nutanix to simplify and speed-up your migration while controlling costs and reducing risk.

Reason 1: Minimize the need to replatform and refactor

Refactoring apps to run natively in the public cloud as part of a cloud migration is time-consuming, costly, and risky. Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2) makes it simple to rehost VMware apps in the cloud without replatforming or refactoring, minimizing dependency management challenges.

The migration of VMs from VMware ESXi to the Nutanix AHV hypervisor is straightforward with no code changes. NC2 leverages high-performance compute and NVMe storage to ensure peak app performance in the public cloud.

Apps and data running in the public cloud on NC2 can be up to 53% lower cost than the native public cloud equivalent.

Reason 2: Simplified migration

Configure infrastructure, migrate VMware workloads, and keep apps up and running in less time with less effort. Nutanix Move takes the pain and complexity out of migrating apps from VMware with advanced automation and full migration and cutover control – including batch-processed migrations.

Reason 3: Ease of management and full control

We make it easy for VMware administrators to adapt to Nutanix and ensure they are immediately productive, which minimizes the need to add staff with specialized cloud skills. Whether you’re running Nutanix in the cloud or on-premises, management is consistent, including networking and security.

Because NC2 is not a managed service, you’ll retain greater control over infrastructure and apps running in the cloud. And you can implement upgrades and patches whenever you want without being subject to a cloud provider’s timetable.

It’s really easy to use the Nutanix platform. After working with it for just a few days, I told my colleagues that Nutanix works the way that VMware should.

Bret Snyder
Senior Server Engineer, Ruffalo Noel Levitz

Reason 4: Rightsizing made simple

In the datacenter, many administrators oversize application VMs just in case, but that approach leads to high monthly cloud charges. Nutanix accurately sizes VMs from the outset—and makes it simple to increase or decrease app resources as necessary. Nutanix Cloud Manager uses machine intelligence to optimize and rightsize cloud resources on an ongoing basis, saving you 35% or more on multicloud management.

Reason 5: License mobility

It’s hard to determine the number of licenses you need for each location with accuracy. Get the allocation wrong and you’re wasting money. Nutanix solves this challenge with full license mobility. Move licenses between datacenters and public clouds as needed to address changing operational requirements without costs associated with relicensing.

Reason 6: Resiliency

Enterprise apps typically gain resiliency from the underlying infrastructure but this capability may not be available in the public cloud. NC2 delivers all the resiliency capabilities you expect, including high availability, site recovery, self-healing, built in data protection, and disaster recovery.

Reason 7: Support for modern apps

You need a cloud infrastructure that supports traditional and cloud-native apps. Nutanix runs VMs and containers to smooth your path to cloud-native. Choose your preferred Kubernetes® distro and the latest tooling to support development and production needs for cutting-edge apps like AI. Easy integration with public cloud services  jumpstarts app development.

Reason 8: Data services

Public clouds don’t always offer data services with the performance and enterprise capabilities you need. Nutanix offers unified file, block and object data services with efficient snapshotting, cloning, replication, data reduction, and other services to simplify your cloud transition. Nutanix Database Service makes it easy to deploy and manage databases like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle in the cloud of your choice.

Reason 9: Full services and support

Public clouds may not deliver sufficient levels of support that are required by enterprise organizations. With industry-leading support and professional services – including a full suite of migration services – Nutanix can provide the assistance you need to migrate your VMware environment to the cloud in less time and with less risk.

Nutanix has earned a 7-year average net promoter score of 90, demonstrating consistently high levels of customer satisfaction. That's one more reason you can choose Nutanix with confidence.

Reason 10: Future proof

Nutanix gives you the capabilities and the flexibility to support the needs of your business now and well into the future without locking you into a single cloud or vendor. Nutanix Cloud Platform runs in datacenters and edge locations, multiple public clouds, and with leading cloud service providers. One platform to run apps and data anywhere.

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